MLM Training- What Do YOU WANT Your Social Media Prospect to DO?

mlm social media

mlm social media

MLM Social Recruiting Your Prospect.

WHAT do YOU Want Them TO DO?

Defining this is critical. If you do not have a PLAN in place in Social Recruiting as
far as what you want them to do, you are planning to fail.

It is not good enough identifying who YOU are looking for. You must know what they are TO
DO when you find them. And you must know what YOU are to do when you locate that candidate.

What is your Social PLAN to move them forward in the initial recruiting process?

Scott says,
“It was when we came up with what I call ‘The IFP’ (Initial Filter Plan) for when we located a candidate that really helped activate and accelerate the
recruiting process. We needed a very brief step by step action list for the
candidate to complete. The candidate went quickly through the 3 actions, as it was not difficult to complete quickly.  It took maybe 4 or 5 minutes.

 This helped identify where the candidate REALLY was as far as employment possibilities. We actually put it together to FILTER OUT the candidates that were not serious. I believe that if you are in the home business profession, you need an initial  filtering system for Social Recruiting as
well. It really makes you look professional and you end up pursuing who is
truly interested in your home business via social media.”

I will tell you the first thing we asked them to do was fill out a quick 7  question online survey asking about their  current employment and possibilities about future employment.

We called it “The Destiny Profile.”

 It was focused on finding the Dissatisfaction and the PAIN in their job- if it existed. It also asked about the type of boss, type of position, and  the JOY they were looking for
in a Dream job. It took maybe a total of 3 minutes or less.

It really helped frame the conversation and the direction we needed to go, as well as
potential of the candidate. You may want to consider a similar process for your
home business social candidates.

What you want your social media prospect to DO is critical and must be well thought out. YOUR JOB is to help RELIEVE the PAIN they are going through in their life.

These are some ideas on understanding WHAT you want your prospect to DO, being clear on it and understanding that if they do not DO something, you will never recruit them in your mlm network marketing home business.

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