MLM Recruiting- How to Avoid Recruiting DISTRACTIONS

mlm home business distractions

mlm home business distractions

MLM Recruiting Distractions.

Do you struggle with distractions in your leadership recruiting for your home business?

How you handle distractions with your network marketing recruiting?

What is your biggest distraction for your mlm business?

Distractions are all part of Leadership, as you must learn to manage and control them.

In building a downline for your home based business, you MUST gert rid of distractions that are slowing you down and stopping you.

This is a GREAT article from Smartbriefs on How to manage Distractions in your Leadership..


One of the greatest challenges of leadership is managing time, a limited resource that has to be used with the utmost care and consideration. Especially in the buolding of a home business that seems to always attract distractions. if you are woking from home, there can be many.

As the saying goes, there are only so many hours in a day“, and the leader must be able to stay focused on those tasks and activities that truly matter.

That task is complicated by the daily presence of many distractions that the leader must avoid, lest putting themselves (and their company) in jeopardy.

There are three distractions that are particularly dangerous for your home based business:

The “Bright Shiny Object.”

It’s a new product, a new project, or a new partner, a new training or concept that catches your eye.  It’s sounds really cool, and there’s probably a lot of buzz going on about it in the corridors and the field, and probably even in the business pages.

The problem is, it’s not really right for you or the company, or it’s a very long shot for success.  But it’s really cool!  So you devote a lot of time on it, at the expense of other, more viable and profitable things. WASTING TIME!

The “Black Hole.”

You have committed a lot of effort and money to a particular project or new idea and you are trying to guide it to a successful conclusion.  Trouble is, about 25% of the way in it becomes pretty clear that things aren’t going well (and you are going overboard), and you face a decision – pull the plug now (with all the resulting hand wringing and blame from your downline), or, ask for more money and trudge on.

You choose the latter, and enter the black hole – pressing dangerously on in the hope that somehow, someway it will get pulled out in the end. But it rarely does.

The “Fire Drill.”

The phone rings, and it’s your sponsor or upline or corporate.  He saw a blog post yesterday from an unhappy team member or customer – it was a pretty ugly one, but when you dug into it the day before it appeared to be an isolated case that could be routinely handled by you no sweat, since you had set up a protocol for cases exactly like this one.

Your upline looks at it differently – it’s a complete breakdown of customer service or accessibility that needs an extensive review and discussion.   You then start the fire drill – two days of phone calls, e-mails, and meetings involving many members of your team, devoted to that single blog post.

These kind of distractions CAN be avoided.    It’s all a matter of leadership perspective – that ability to take a step back, and “see” the bigger picture.   It also requires something else that is even more essential –


The courage to put down a bright shiny object in the face of all that “coolness”.

The courage to stop a black hole project dead in its tracks and take the heat.

And, the courage to tell your boss you will not conduct a fire drill because of a single and isolated incident.

Perspective and courage are your best tools for time management – use them well, and wisely.

And one more thing – beware of that smartphone too; lots of bright shiny objects there.  Believe me, I know….  :-)

These are some powerful ideas for your mlm home business network marketing success.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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