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MLM Network Marketing Training -Quality and MLM Success

“Things of quality have no fear of time…” Author unknown

How do you define quality?

Is it something that you know it when you see it?

“Quality is Job #1.” Ford Motors

But what about YOUR Life and Network Marketing biz?

And YOUR Dreams?

And YOUR MLM business?

Is Quality a “part of it” or “apart from it?”

So often quantity and quality get mixed up…there are many folks who have a quantity of possessions, but lack quality of life….

A quantity of assets, but lack quality of aspirations…

People strive so hard for Quantity, without realizing the real MLM Wealth is in the Quality of things….

The only MLM Wealth that lasts is the Wealth of Quality…all else is temporary…

Quality and MLM.

Quality is timeless…Quantity is mindful of time…did you catch that? re-read it again…..

And if you CAUGHT it, you can see that if you are an MLM entrepreneur, and are providing a quality of life for people with a quality MLM product and program,you should not be concerned about the Time element….because Quality does not change over time…

TRUE MLM Quality is what I am talking about…….

The Quality Test in Network Marketing.
Yes, there are cheap imitations of True Quality, as in everything…but why do you think Gold continues to hold it’s own in value? It’s quality and worth are not predicated on Time…

But Value….and Value and Quality are sister words….

Don’t despair if you think your MLM business has a time limit on the value or quality of it to the home business marketplace…The Quality issue is a non issue as far as Time…


YOU are the Quality and Value Function in the success equation, and you rproducts and company only validate YOUR Quality and Value… as you selected them to be a part of your Value System….

Make Quality a part of your life…not apart from it..

Time will NEVER threaten Quality in Network Marketing….nor True Value…

But Quantity?

Depends upon the Quality within it….


doug firebaugh / PassionFire International doug

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MLM Network Marketing Training-The Secret of Effort in Network Marketing Success

” With no attempt, there can be no failure….. with no failure…no humiliation…..”

William James.

Procrastination…what a lovely word.

Sounds almost like a disease that you want to stay away from…get innoculated from… and to run from…

Guess what? With most folks…it is a form of a disease that has infected millions of people in MLM and they sacrifice their future in Network Marketing or the comfort of the present with no risk….

Sound familiar?

You know that you have MLM greatness inside of you…You know that there is a Powerful Network marketer inside….

You know that there are things in your life you would just love to attemptand go for, but , well….

You don’t want to be humiliated from MLM failure…You don’t want to put your reputation at risk and ruin your great “Image” folks have of you….

Let’s be REAL HONEST……..

Humiliation only exists in your mind…it exists nowhere else…you create it, and you give it life…

The Truth about MLM Defeat.
MLM Defeat is an acceptance …not an event….

And nothing great has ever been accomplished without the risk of possibly facing adversity….

Yes,the Home Business storms of adversity can blow strong….Greatness on the inside is USELESS if it is not crystallized on the outside of your MLM life….

That is what Useless means…”Use Less”….

You use so much Less of your gifts and talents that the greatness inside of you lies dormant…

And you continue to use less of your talent for greatness as you grow older, all for the acceptance of other’s opinions and “fitting in”……..

“Fitting in ” and Being Accepted has an enormous cost sometimes…..

The cost of the REAL YOU….

Go for what you want and forget the MLM storms….

The Power of Adversity in Network Marketing and Direct Sales.
All adversity is temporary! Yes, you may have glitches and challenges….and temporary setbacks…but that is not humiliating….

Humiliation is knowing there is Greatness inside of you, and you never released it due to the safety of procrastination and “no risk fear”….

And always knowing deep down inside….”I could have been hugely successful in MLM…”

Yeah, you could fall flat on your face if you do what you passionately want to do with your MLM life….

But what if you get up…and try again…

Then what if you DO succeed?

What if you KNEW you could’ve…. and didn’t….

Deep down inside…..

That’s Network Marketing Humiliation..


doug Firebaugh

PassionFire Intl

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MLM Network Marketing Training-The Failure Factor in Success in a Home Business

“Success is the ability to go from one Failure to another without the loss of Enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill.


The word failure turns most people’s stomach. It is an image that most do not want to have, nor even get close to.

If you want to really see who your friends are, massively fail at something like MLM…you’ll find out.

Most people’s paradigm of failure is a loser, and someone who “just can’t cut the mustard”.

Especially in Network Marketing.

Most people view failure as a disease and something to totally stay away from. Most folks think of MLM failure as for the weak, and for the “giving up crowd.”





Failure is the ONLY WAY you will ever become successful in Network Marketing…

Because it is the setbacks and adversities in your life that create the person inside of you that ATTRACTS MLM Success…

The MLM Paradox.

You don’t Persue MLM Success…It Persues You.

You don’t Become Successful…Success Becomes You.(CLUE!!!!!)

You don’t Create MLM Success…It Creates You…through the storms, setbacks,and failures that all are a part of the Success Formula.

Who are you to think that Failure is for Losers? Who are you to say that Failure attracts Losers?

With one sentence I can radically change your paradigm of failure and you will never view it the same…

And it will allow you to tap into the Incredible Power that remains hidden within the word …..

And you will see the REAL SECRET of attracting MLM Success in your life…what would that sentence be? here it is:

The Last Word in Failure for MLM.
The last word in Failure is Lure….

And that is the most Powerful way to Lure and Attract Success in MLM and your life that lasts….period. There is no such thing as Powerless Failure….Either it has Attraction Power or Repelling Power…

You can only allow yourself to is NOT something that happens to you,or against you…but IN YOU.

All Failure comes from within..

It is something you ALLOW to happen…when you don’t tap into it’s teaching and building Power.People only fail when they give up, and they give up because they are focused on…

the first word in Failure….

Not the Last…..


doug Firebaugh / PassionFire International

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Home Business – THE Ultimate Secret Success Tactic

Have more than thou showest…speak less than thou knowest…” William Shakespeare


Know anybody that has a big one?

As one of my mentors Ben Johnson, 5 billion dollar producer in MLM and Network Marketing, says:

“Ego is a reverse disease…the person that has it is not sick, but it makes everybody else around him sick…”

Ol’ Willy knew what he was talking about when he wrote that quote…it’s called…

“Don’t show all your cards in the game of life. Hold something back, so you will have an extra ace or two to play when you need it.”

Why would someone want to not let people know how wonderful they are?

Simple…When you blow your own horn, it can be heard as a sour note to some people…and in some instances, totally off key…

When someone else blows your MLM horn…

Sounds like a symphony to many people, and they can enjoy and appreciate your results and Direct Sales achievements.

Wanna know a HUGE Secret to make that happen?

The Success Focus of the Network Marketer.
Focus on helping people obtain their short term goals and then when they do…you blow their horn!

And they will be so appreciative, they will somewhere down the line make sure people hear about your MLM success when it comes…

Humility is a good thing, as it really is endearing…

As a friend of mine says…

” Silence is great with people…makes them wonder what you’ve been up to!”

But also, not revealing what you know is not a sign of weakness…but of Wisdom.

Some of the wisest people that ever walked earth were the kind of people that were Listeners..

And you can learn a whole lot more by listening to others than hearing yourself already know what you are saying….

The Power of Keeping Something Back in MLM.
Stay back sometimes in conversation and ask questions and let others talk about themselves and their success, and you just smile and listen,and congratulate them…

Then when they find out later what YOU have accomplished in network Marketing, it will have 3 times the impact….

And create a great image of strength and power that you may not have had before…


Keep something back…

It will keep you out front.


doug Firebaugh

PassionFire International

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MLM Training -Giver or Taker in MLM and Direct Marketing?

home business taker

home business taker or giver

“Happiness is not so much in giving or sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give….”

Norman MacEwan

Let’s be real personal here…

Are you more thrilled about what is given to your life than what you give through your life and MLM business?

Reread that and think about it..

I’ll wait…

There are 2 types of people in the world and Network Marketing as I am sure you know…

Givers and Takers.

And I think you would agree that it seems the Takers in life are the ones we always hear about.

Bank Heists. Drug Deals. Murders. Scam Artists…

Just turn on the radio and you will hear it everyday…

But what a sad commentary on making a living by taking the fruits of someone else’s labors. You will find as time goes on that the takers in life actually end up on the losing end….always.


Life catches up to them and their MLM Biz.

Do you also realize that you may be a Taker in your own life and downline and not even aware of it?


By taking your greatest talents and burying them in a mental grave filled with self doubt, lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, other people’s “success stealing” opinions, and over all fear.

You give to others, and want and help others to succeed, but yet you take the best that you have to offer life and ignore it, bury it, never giving yourself the chance at MLM success that you really want and deserve…

If you are doing that in your life….Dumb.

Success is yours in Network Marketing.

Yes, continue to give to other’s lives as that is what your life and home business will be made up of in the long run…giving is almost magical…

You DO deserve success…

You WILL be successful…

You ARE a Winner…

You will not be denied..

C’mon….Give yourself a Break….

We do make a life by what we GIVE….

But how about giving yourself some credit…

And give, to what success you want to happen in your life, the absolute best MLM effort that you have to offer…for once…

And you will see life give back to you what you never thought you would ever have…

The Best in Life…and the Best out of Life…for your taking…in Network Marketing…

Funny how that works. 


doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

© 2005 PFI / all rights reserved

MLM -The Truth About Facts in MLM and Network Marketing

mlm the truth

” Donot put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they don’t say….”

William Watt

You can’t do Network Marketing.

Look at the facts.

You aren’t smart enough.

Look at the facts.

You aren’t talented enough for Direct Sales.

Look at reality.

You cannot achieve it.

The numbers are against you.

You will never win in MLM.

The odds are against you.

ou should consider the history. It cannot be done.

You will never learn Network Marketing.

Look at the past. You can’t do it.

Look at the facts.

Tell that to Bill Gates.

Tell that to Henry Ford.

Tell that to Steven Spielberg.

Tell that to Shania Twain.

Tell that to Thomas Edison.

Don’t dare tell that to Steve Jobs.

The Only Statistics that can Stop You in Network Marketing.
In any endeavor in MLM are the statistics that you accept as TRUE.

The statistics never measure:

The Heart. The Desire. The Belief. The Determination. The Decision. The Focus. The Resolve.

All statistics do is give a general overview of what someone thinks is happening….when it comes to what you can do…

The only thing that matters is what is happening inside of you.(CLUE!!!!)

MLM Network Marketing Training Resource- “Getting Ready for W.A.R.- Winning the Success Battle!”

STATS….you know what that stands for?

Stopping The Acceleration Towards Success.

The only statistic that matters as far as success is concerned… is

That is the Final Statistic….that will always overshadow all other statistics…

oh…STATS also stands for….

Stop The Accepting That Success…(can’t happen.) in MLM…


I hope and pray you caught that…….

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doug firebaugh / PassionFire International

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / Network Marketing Recruiting


doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / MLM Recruiting