MLM Training – 3 Quick Secrets of Building a Recruiting List

home business mlm recruiting

Home Business mlm recruiting

What do you for your home business MLM do everyday to build a recruiting list?

Do you ever feel like that you are finding ALL THE WRONG PEOPLE?

Do you HAVE a Recruiting List?

Do you know what it is?

A Recruiting List is a list that is BEYOND an mlm leads or network marketing prospect list.

 It is a list that you have researched their profile on social sites, learned about them and who they seem to be, and are prepared to connect with them in a whole new way.

Many home business multi level marketing leaders think that building a list is the answer.

 It is NOT.

Many prospects that are on a prospect list are not really that interested in your offer. But the ones that you have on a Recruiting List have proven they at least have an interest.

What can you do to build a Recruiting List in your network marketing?

1. Get them engaged and interacting with you in some CONSISTENT way.

To build a recruiting list, you must get them to MOVE towards you, and get them CONNECTED to YOU. Send them something to DO, READ, WATCH, or invite them to skype you or join you in a text chat.

Interaction guarantees Recruiting TRACTION.

2. Ask them questions that will reveal if they are a OPEN to something additional.

“What do you think of where you work? Tell me about it.”

“Is this a good time in your life to ever look at additional income?”

“Have you ever thought about putting your income on auto-pilot and doing it online?”

3.  Be Direct and simply Ask if they are Open to New ideas.

“Are you keeping your revenue options open? I  would like to share some free information with you that may help some folks you know.”

‘What is your feeling about additional income at this point in your life?”

“Have you ever considered owning a business?”

Being Direct and to the point can scare some folks in MLM, but it works. It saves you time, and money, and emotion, and can often show that you are a serious Leader thsat Values their time.

Especially on social networking sites, as it does cut through the fluff and wasting of time.

CAUTION: There is a difference between being DIRECT and being rude or arrogant. I am simply talking about being Direct in a nice way and cutting a lot of the initial chit chat down to where it is not impeding your recruiting efforts.

Yes, some people may need more initial chat then others, but use common sense.

Spend time with those who are GROWING in life, not stagnating.

Building a Recruiting List can also be done with opt in pages that are more DIRECT and to the point. 

Yes, you will get fewer opt ins, but you will build a better list for recruiting for your MLM network marketing home business.

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