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Home Business Training -MLM Recruiter? MLM Sponsor? MLM Baby Sitter? MLM Mentor?…..


home business baby sitter
home based business baby sitter


Home business training

is a MUST.

That is Priority One.(CLUE!!!!)
You must get them trained… a recruiter rarely takes the time for that because recruiters are focused on recruiting, not growing… signing them up, not growing them up… a Leader always grows people…



Growing people produces the biggest harvest in this MLM business…. (CLUE!!!!!!)

Be a great sponsor and take your new distributors where they want to go, but remember to also take them to the level of success you want them to lead them to…

3) The MLM Baby Sitter
Ahhh…… this is the sponsor who does everything for their downline, and completely disables their distributors and cripples their growth…

 You want to do it all… you don’t think anyone can do it as good as you, and so, you do it all… and what happens


Baby Sitting creates a downline of babies… they never grow into their greatness in this business… they crawl through this business… and eventually out of it…


You as a Leader must become a great sponsor… but understand there is a HUGE difference between Sponsoring someone…. and Spoon Feeding them….

Create a GROWTH environment… not a Kindergarten….

As you mature your people in this business… so matures your business ultimately…

4) The MLM Mentor
This is the Pinnacle of the Role you play in the development of your Leaders… but here is a tip…

 INFERNO Secret:

Mentor those who DESERVE it… not those who DESIRE it….

Your ultimate goal as a sponsor is to create a non-stop success machine. The only way you can do that is to choose 4-5 people in your group to mentor for greatness…

Choose people who have really stepped up to the bat and proven they are SERIOUS about their building this business… make sure they have shown you that they are worthy of you taking them under your wing and paying very special attention to them…
Take them under your wing for a year and solidify and grow them into their greatness… not by totally building it for them, as there are some things they must learn from experience, but totally supporting them in all phases of their business and growth through training, building, supporting, and BEING THERE for them... and creating an extraordinary relationship that will last a lifetime…


Mentoring is not for the weak-hearted…..

it takes effort, discipline, a lot of caring…. and also a ton of giving on your part…
You will have trying times, just like in any relationship… but you must understand that if you mentor a select few folks, they can create an enormous business with you, and will be maximized in this industry… and will stay with you during the tough times… (and there will be some…)


   The Recruiter grows “In-discouragement”…

   The Sponsor grows Independence…

   The Baby Sitter grows Dependence…

   The Mentor grows Interdependence…

The Power of MLM lies in Interdependence…..


And, it is true….

Home business reality:

There are many Leadership factors involved in building a downline, but none are more frustrating than the roles a Leader can play when recruiting and engaging a new person in this business…

We have a tendency to go from one extreme to the other… ignoring the new person to practically living with them… and everything in between…

There are 4 basic “leading” roles that you establish with your new person. As a Leader, you may move through all of these roles with each person you bring into your MLM organization.

   1) The Recruiter…
   2) The Sponsor…
   3) The Baby Sitter…
   4) The Mentor…

1) The MLM Recruiter
So what exactly IS the difference between a recruiter and a sponsor?



I have always taught that recruiting is getting them in and sponsoring is keeping them in. One is a defined process for getting them signed up; the other is growing their greatness in this business…

I never really got into a hairsplitting term… call it what you want… but understand…

Network Marketing Recruiting is the Process of getting to the point of being their sponsor and a lot people who recruit folks in this business forget the sponsor part….

MLM Recruiting
can be simply running the numbers, but that is how the average distributor does it…. A Leader recruits to become a great sponsor and to build a long term relationship… recruiting is the first phase of the Leader Role,….

2) The MLM Sponsor… is the second.
When you have recruited them into your business, now you are their sponsor…



There is a reason why the word sponsor and responsibility have the same root word… it is your responsibility to become the Leader they need to create an environment for greatness…. and for creating independence in your people.

ALL great Leaders in this industry have mentored a select few special people in their downline to extreme success… in MLM and Network Marketing for a successful Home Based Business.




doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Business Training-The Three Focuses


home business focus

home business focus

Home business is a great profession.

Home Based business owners need many things.

They need time.

They need drive.

They need effort.

They need also FOCUS.

There are three focuses you can have on working this great business. Each one will bring you success, but only one will truly create momentum.

And in this Nugget, I want to share with you the way to ignite a fire of success in your business and drive it to the heights of any success you seek!!!!

The First MLM Focus is:


This will create a steady paycheck for you and will move a lot of product. Retailing can be a slower way to work this business, but many people are happy with an extra $1,000.00 a month and want no more.

This group of folks are the majority of people who WORK MLM, not play with it. They are PRODUCT-focused, and that is what they take to the marketplace… products and a story to tell.

If you want a steady paycheck, make sure you have retailers and lots of them.

The Second MLM Focus is:


These are the people in your group who “see” the big picture and know that it is BUILDING a business that will create volume and bigger paychecks.

Builders understand that recruiting is of HUGE importance, and they recruit retailers, as well as other builders. Builders also understand that with this focus, they are focused on the Business PROCESS… not just the PRODUCTS.

Builders see a longer term business as well… with big volume and big paychecks.

The Third MLM Focus is…


This is the group that “gets it.” They understand that in order to create momentum, you must DRIVE the business, not just build it. They are not focused on products, nor process, but POWER. The Power that emerges from a clear vision of the future. And they focus on recruiting builders and other drivers.

Retailing and Building are ACTION focused.

Drivers are MINDSET focused… and go after the picture they hold in their mind of what they want out of life, and will not be denied in any way, shape or form.

The 3 Big Traits of Drivers are:

  1. “Relentless pursuit.”
  2. “Build people, not just a business.”
  3. “Leadership… and it shows in all they do.”

Drivers are also focused on WEALTH creation, not just a paycheck.

It is the Dream of a larger lifestyle for themselves and their team that drives them. They understand one phrase… and have it engraved on their heart:

“Whatever it takes.”

The Million Dollar Network Marketing Question:




You decide what you want this business to give you… and you will find your focus in MLM and Network Marketing Home based business!



doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Network Marketing : Getting Your DMO In Gear


mlm gears

mlm gears

Everyone is looking for home business Success.

You included I am sure and Home business training is critical to the novice in MLM>


Ever heard of that?

It stands for “Daily Method of Operation”….or what you plan to do on a daily basis. It will be the key to your activity.

Simply…your DMO is your “MLM Success PLAN”…a PLAN for MLM Success that you execute daily, and that is how you operate daily in this industry…

Brick by Brick, day by day, you build your business with your DMO PLAN.

PassionFire has introduced to the industry “PLAFSH”, which a module for that is included in the first 30 days of this course. Your DMO will be how you put it to use and how you let it guide and structure your daily activity.


Most people in Network Marketing have too weak of a DMO and it creates nothing in results.

It Takes Work.

The amount of work that it takes to build an MLM downline is significant, and it does take time. Most new distributors never understand that it is the CONSISTENCY of a DMO that is the secret, not just the activity.


You never know who the next superstar in your company will be, and it may as well be you. And it is the consistent activity that increases the odds of success for you, as it “Increases Your Visibility”.

Increasing Your Visibility is simply “Putting yourself out There”, and giving yourself a chance to meet people or talk to people you already know about your business.

Your DMO structures your time working this business so you have a PLAN.

A PLAN for your Success!!!!!


Want to know why a PLAN is so important?

It helps you to:

P…Put it in writing

This means you need to put what you are planning on doing in writing, and keep it in front of you.

How many Phone Calls are you going to do everyday? Put it in writing…

How many Leads are you going to collect a day? Put it in writing….

How many Appointments are you going to have this week? Put it in writing…

You get the drift…..Writing it down FOCUSES you Laser sharp….

L…Lock and Load

Lock and Load means to get your ammo and gun ready for firing…ready to pull the trigger on the Plan…check over it and make sure that everything is on target, and will create enough activity to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

Many distributors never check their DMO to see if it will do what they want it to do…usually it will not as there is not enough activity for that to happen.


Your DMO needs to STRETCH you a little…so you can “grow into it”…if you feel you can make 5 phone calls a day as a start, put 7 down to stretch you a little, and then do them…you will be surprised how good it feels when you complete them…

And ask yourself this: “Will my DMO really be ENOUGH to make something happen in my business?”

That is a key word…ENOUGH.

Too many people fool themselves into believing that they are “working” when all they are “busy”…..(CLUE!!!!!!!!)…busy at the wrong things…


You are NOT in charge of results…only activity…but the quality of your execution and numbers of times you execute the DMO tasks will influence your results…

A….Activate the Tasks.

Simply….you must activate and execute your plan with the tasks needed, as that is where the power in it lies…no action…no acceleration of momentum.

You must engage your DMO with ENERGY!

It is the Force behind a Hurricane that creates the Power in it…it is the Force behind your action that will create the power in it as well….

And make sure you are taking the action and doing the tasks that are needed….what will yield you results and sales as well as eventual signups…and if you are operating PLAFSH, then you will be doing the right activity….


Simply….What does your plan need that is not there?

What is missing in it that needs to be there?

Are you working enough numbers?

Are you saying the right things?

Are you getting enough appointments?

Are you getting leads and from where? Warm market? Cold market?

What does your plan lack in follow up structure? Again, PLAFSH sets up a system for you to follow up like clockwork.

Are you working enough hours and are they the hours you can get a hold of people?

If you are calling people at home when they are at work…HELLO!!!!!!!!! Not much chance of catching them at home huh?

Your DMO will create a DAILY PATH for you to walk.

It’s ALL about Leadership.


Your DMO is the beginning of LEADERSHIP in your business….if you can take the Personal Leadership in your life and create a DMO…and then engage it effectively(CLUE!), then you have a good chance of succeeding HUGE in your enterprise…

By the way….

DMO also stands for Disciplined Motion OnFire!!!!

If you create a DMO and then are disciplined about working it…you will set your home business OnFire eventually…..GUARANTEED!



doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Business Training- The FAST Start Training for the New Distributor


home business fastg start

home business race

In your home based business, there is only one way to work it:


That is how most people want to go in this MLM business…and rightly so…

But you have to have a system or process to get there..that is what this training is about..a quick way to get off to a fast start and make something happen….

The First things.

There are 4 key components to a good F.A.S.T. Start Training, and they are:

1) First things first…

You must be trained on the first parts of the education process in this business…and those are the important points on “

A) The Company facts and details on the history and management
B) The Products and the benefits of each product plus piece points
C) The Compensation Plan and how it works and how you make money
D) Your Upline and who they are
E) Developing your product story and your business success story
F) The Paperwork and how it is done
G) The Tools that you will use to build your business

2) Action steps you will take…

What will you do once you have gone through the “First things first” part?

A) You will learn how to do your Memory Jogger
B) You will learn how to approach and contact them
C) You will learn how to Neutralize Objections
D) You will learn how to do a Presentation
E) You will learn how to Follow up and ask for the decision
F) You will learn how to retail the products

3) Start the process Step By Step….

Once you have been trained on the basics of the Action steps, you start the actual process of Network Marketing….

A) Prospect for the initial contacts
B) Contact them
C) Deliver the Message
D) Follow up with agreed plan
E) Ask for the Decision

…Prospect for the initial contacts…

This is where you choose who on your Memory Jogger will be contacted..

…Contact them…

This is where either you or you and your upline contact the names…

…Deliver the message…

This is where you either set up an appointment to go see them, get them on a conference call, or get them to try the product, or whatever else you set as the message…

…Follow up with agreed plan…

This is where you simply follow up and keep in touch with the prospect…

…Ask for the Decision…

This is where you get a decision of what they are planning on doing as far as product, business, or referrals…

This 5 step by step system is a VERY Basic and easy path to follow for the new distributor…it gives them 2 things;

1) Initial Education on the basic information on WHAT
2) A Step By Step on HOW

These combined with a strong dose of MOTIVATION and LEADERSHIP will make for a HOT FAST Start training for you and your folks…

4) Then see what Path you will go with them…

Where do you go from here? Product sale? Recruiting? More Info? Referrals? Bring to a meeting? Decide what needs to be done…

Then Do it….

Three Things.

A FAST Start training needs to be 3 things:

1) Easy to train on

Don’t complicate it…make it easy and fun…and make it easy to learn…

2) Easy to Learn

Yes, easy to learn, as if it is not, then you will only end up de-motivating and confusing many of your prospects…

3) Easy to Duplicate

THIS IS A MUST! If you do it right, and make it easy to duplicate, you will find that the training will become more and more being taught done in your group and by your budding MLM Leaders…

Get your folks off to a FAST Start with this F.A.S.T. Start training…,it will create some excitement and also lots of activity…in your Network Marketing MLM Home Business!



doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Business Training: The Beginning Distributor Checklist


home business list

home business list

A List for Home Business Success.

That is what I am talking about here…every new home based business distributor needs a checklist when they get started to create a “map” of what the need to do to get started….




If you have a checklist that a new MLM distributor can follow and check off what he/she has done, then you have created a system that can not only be duplicated…but also taught

By virtually anyone…

A checklist also will provide another thing besides duplication…


If a new distributor knows that he/she will be asked about completing part of a checklist, then the odds of them doing it just went up a lot!

It simply shows the new distributor tasks that need to be done, and a good checklist will even have the date the task was done…


If a new Network Marketing distributor has a list of things that they must do, the seriousness of the focus they have will increase significantly…

You, as a sponsor, must provide a PATH to success in the beginning that WALKS the new distributor through the first tasks that need to be done…

Step By Step Path.

And it must be a step by step path….

Your checklist must have some form of direction to it and purpose…it cannot be just a list of tasks that are meaningless….they must be what will get the new distributor prepared for the initial launch of their MLM business…

There are many forms and kinds of checklists….I have seen many out in the industry…and all of them differed in some way…

It’s not the list itself that is important as the fact that there is a track to follow and a path that you can access as you get started in this business…

A list should contain 3 things:

1) Tasks that Set up the new distributor with the company…

This part of the list should contain what is needed to get the new distributor in the computer and inventory ordered, and anything else your company requires you to so…

2) A list of what needs to be done to set up and engage the business…

This can be as simple as a warm market list and a time to start calling the names…

3) Target Dates to accomplish the tasks…

Make the dates have a sense of urgency but not intimidating to the new person…

And a list should always be “user friendly”…easy to follow ad not complicated as this will expedite the new distributor’s willingness to get it done quicker…

Here is checklist that will work for any new distributor and get them focused and on track for success in Network Marketing.

The Steps.

Steps to Success for a New MLM Distributor

1) Make sure all the paperwork is in and Product ordered.



2) Schedule the first Training Session and Kick off Meeting


Kick Off Meeting Agenda:

3) Go over the New distributor Manual-Section by Section


4) Call and get 3 way calling set up on their phone


5) Go through the tools and brochures and answer any questions


6) Start the warm market and “Hello it’s Me” letter list (Memory Jogger)


7) Go through Fast Start Training (If applicable)

Date: ___________________________________

8) Role Play with new distributor approach and 3 way script


9) Set time to start 3 way calls


10) Plan First Exposure Meeting with warm market



As you can see, the first part is to get the paperwork out of the way, and then you do what I call a “Kick Off Meeting”….this is a meeting that is set to train and officially “kick off” the business of the new distributor…

The Official Start.


Every new distributor needs an “Official Start” to their business, and a Kick Off meeting accomplishes that…it is the starting point of where they start working their home business.

Follow the steps to the Kick off meeting and if there is a Fast Start training from your company, go over that with them….PassionFire has a Fast Start Training Manual- A Hot Start Training Manual- The First 14 Days! as well if your company does not have one…

The tools are VERY important, and PassionFire has a several tool trainings…go over all the tools with the new distributor, and make sure they have an understanding of them…

Role play with the new distributor with 3 way calling… this is a MUST! It will help create confidence in them and also show them the power in the 3 way….

Then plan their first exposure meeting…usually in their home, or a luncheon, or just setting appointments with the new distributor to go see people…

Go over this checklist with the new distributor, and START THEM OFF RIGHT in their MLM Network Marketing Business and Home Based Business




doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Business Training – The Path for Success- Part 2

Home business success is something that many times can be elusive and frstrating.

it can be also rewarding if you are walking down the correct home based business path.

 There are many paths to travel in business.

Some work…others do not.

There is one home business path that truly works and works everytime.

what are the steps?

1) Prospecting.

Simply…you must have folks to talk to about your MLM products and your business…..If you don’t…you will fail….and this is where your work begins…..

To make a list of prospects that you can “advertise” to to let them know you are in business….that is all part of the Marketing Process and getting the word out about your new business….

2) The Approach.

You must make initial contact with folks to let them know what you are doing…..and you could use some help…..this is a natural next step once you have made a list of potential customers and distributors to start with….

And 80% of all failure in MLM starts with an ineffective approach…..this is a MUST to Master!

3) The Presentation.

With all of the High tech tools out there and all of the third party communication tools…it is easy to put on a Powerful presentation that really gets folk’s attention…..

But it is not enough just to inform…you must impact! And then Empower……and all presentations must have Emotion and Hope attached to them….as you will learn…..

4) The Next Move (Follow Up).

When you have done presenting your Network Marketing presentation, you must keep them going….your job is not to keep them interested…but Invo;ved in the process…so they can make an Intelligent Decision that is right for them……

What would be the natural next move? You will learn how to move them along and keep them excited…

5) The Decision.

You MUST get a decision from your prospect…your job is not to convince them to join…but to see if this is right for them……and MAYBES in this business will kill your home business…

The Decision is what your goal is…not to recruit them as you will learn…nothing is more discouraging to a new distributor than to get a lot of Nos…..and not understand they have succeeded at getting a Decision….the Yeses will come…..

But the Decision MUST be made by the Prospect…and a lot of them will not join your business…you are not looking for them…you are looking for folks who are looking for you…..

These 5 Modules are a track to keep you focused and on Track to where you go next… It is easy to train and teach…and can follow and interface with any existing training structure…..

A HOT Training Resource from PassionFire: “Your First 14 Days- A HOT START! Training Manual- check it out in our PF Singles Online Store! Click here for details.


But this is what we call the “MLM PowerPath”…a Path to Empower and to build your home business on….step by step and brick by brick…..

And yes there may be times you must be flexible with the MLM PowerPath….you may have to go back and do another presentation…..or there may be a series of Next moves (usually there are)….

So it can give you the flexibility you need, but the focus required to keep you on track and on the path that Leads to success…which is what you want…..

And there will be times that after a presentation your prospect is ready then to sign up….

GET THE APP! You have a decision!

And the other steps are not needed……you do have flexibility in all areas with the PowerPath.

Training this PowerPath is very easy and effective…and most new distributors

Pick up on it quickly…….


The MAP to MLM Success.

It gives them a Map, or a Trail to go down…and you always know where you are…what is that called?

Network Marketing Navigation.

What is that a Part of?

Leadership! The Secret Weapon of Network Marketing……

You are giving them the Path they need, with an automatic compass to keep them heading towards the Ultimate North Star….Success! Through a Leadership Based Model of doing this business and Succeeding it it…

Learn and Internalize the 5 Modules…Embrace them and use them……and know that it truly is a Path of Power……and the more you understand the Process…the more Powerful the Path becomes!

That is how you do Network Marketing… a Leader….not just a distributor…for your home based business.



doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Based Business Training – The Path for Success- Part 1


The Process for a Home Business Success path.

Home based business Network Marketing is a Process…and has a step by step Mechanics to it which we at PassionFire teach and focus on….

And it is a Path to Success….we believepassionately in this Model…..and adhere to this model in all trainings….


Let’s take a look at how we function as a Society…….

What comes after this…1 …2 …3 … ??

The answer is 4!

What comes after this…Monday..Tuesday…Wednesday…?

The answer is Thursday!

What comes after January..February…?

The answer is March!

What Does that Say?

What does that tell us?

We live in a Process focused, Sequential Based Culture…
which we all feel comfortable with……we grew up with that focus and lifestyle… there is a reason why it’s First grade…Second Grade….Third Grade….

Sequential Order is how we order our Lives…..

So goes as we believe….in Network Marketing.…if we are already programmed to think like that…why not focus our business like that? We are already comfortable with this environment!

We call it the “5 Modules of Network Marketing...” …The Ultimate Secret to Success.. in Recruiting, Training, and Building a Permanent Downline….


It is so much easier to work, think, and do this business in the mindset we grew up with than change horses in the middle of a stream…and do this business outside of how we live…and think…and work…..

Even our corporate jobs are sequential in nature……


What are the 5 Modules..(or the PassionFire Success Model of MLM)?

1) Prospecting

2) The Approach

3)The Presentation

4) The Next move(Follow Up)

5) The Decision

Go to Part Two. Then you will learn more about success for your MLM Home Business.



doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

© 2005 -2011 PFI / all rights reserved

Home Business Training – The Incredible Power of PLAFSH


mlm blueprint

mlm blueprint

Every Home Business needs something.

Every home business needs something that others do not have.

Every home business needs:

The Secret Weapon.


So….you are looking to be trained….ok.

But training is NOT the only answer….

EFFECTIVE and Consistent Action is. That is the TRUE secret to getting your business started..and taking action NOW….

Not soon…not when you have time….but NOW.

You need to know that there are many things you can do to stay “BUSY” at is called “Being Busy at Being Busy”…

This is a cancer for new folks as that will produce nothing but busy work, and no results…

We have studied the MLM industry nonstop for 12 years, and have found that there are basically 6 things that you do that will produce volume…

The Million Dollar question:

“Is what I am doing right now going to produce Volume?”

Another Million Dollar question…

“If it’s not….why in the world are you doing it????”


Here are the 6 things that will produce volume and you need to focus on form the VERY BEGINNING!

P…..Phone Calls


A…..Appointments-Phone and face to face

F…..Follow up

S…..Sales/Sign ups

H…..Hours worked

These are the things you need to focus on to get your MLM business going…

Phone Calls are a MUST in this business as it is a time eompowering tool…

Leads are a MUST as you need folks to talk to…

Appointments are a MUST as that is where you educate and build relationships…

Follow up are a MUST as that is where you continue the process…

Sales and Signups….need I say more?

Hours worked is a MUST…No work!

The Success Tool.

I urge you immediately to start a PLAFSH tool and use it to track your numbers and to track your results as this will help:

FOCUS YOU!!!!!!!!

FOCUS……stands for Follow One Course Until Success.

THAT is what PLAFSH will do….and I encourage you now to get on the PLAFSH section and start your calls!!!!!

This is a secret weapon to success in your MLM and Home Business!




doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

© 2005 -2011 PFI / all rights reserved

Home Business Training – The 10 Things I will Not Have In My Life Due to LOA.


home based business sleeping

home business slouch

Every home business needs something.

But many who own a home business lack it.

And the cost to that home based business can be enormous.

I am talking:


VERY expensive.

That is what LOA is in the network marketing arena…it can be the most costly thing you ever have seen as far as a potential future, and yet, people seem to ignore the cost of it…


That is what it is…


That people would let this occur and without a single thought or guilt about it…and when the cost of it comes due…all they due is have a pity party….

” Woe is me….I am so unlucky…look what this MLM business has done to me….”

Yeah right.


Network marketing will only reflect back to you what you have done for it….it doesn’t do anything to you….it only gives back what you have put in….

You have joined a Network Marketing Company…..and you are excited and want to tell the world….but then….something happens…


You must go out and make calls and talk to people….and so you say…

”WAIT A MINUTE!”… there not another way?”

Sure….if you want to fail….

And LOA is a direct result of reality setting in and then your fears and doubts show up…and….


You are now full blown into the grasps of LOA…..and many people don’t even know they are there….they live their entire lives there, and their career in MLM becomes a result of it….



What is this thing called LOA and why is it so expensive to you?

Lack Of Action.

One of the biggest reasons that people fail miserably in this business….and the cost of it is staggering if you look at it realistically….


The most broke and poorest distributor in MLM is the “Permanent Student” who learns all the right things and what to do and say….but never acts on it….

And they are the ones who scream the loudest that MLM is a scam and it doesn’t work….


They are only scamming themselves to think that knowledge will make them successful in any enterprise…


Knowledge will not make you rich…..ever. It is how you APPLY the knowledge EFFECTIVELY and CONSISTENTLY that creates wealth in Network Marketing.

Lack of Action is a cost that has interest….as a friend of mine says…

“If you think success is expensive…try paying the bill for failure….”


Ok….we understand that LOA is something that is VERY expensive to you and your family….

But what are the true costs of it? If you really think about it, and ponder it…..what will it really cost you and your family your lack of action?

There is an exercise I have done all over the world and back, and the impact it amazing at what it does…and it really is a COLD DOSE of reality of what your LOA does cost you…and this exercise is something that is a good downline building tool and can be used in seminars and meetings….

The Top Ten.

It’s called…

”The Top 10 Things I will Never have in my Life due to MY Lack of Action”.

OUCH! That hurts…doesn’t it? If you really think about it, it really does create a fear of loss and a big one sometimes…Fill out the items below for yourself….:

1) ______________________________________________

2) ______________________________________________

3 ______________________________________________

4) -_____________________________________________

5) ______________________________________________

6) ______________________________________________

7) _____________________________________________

8) _____________________________________________

9) _____________________________________________

10) ____________________________________________


I realize that this is what my LOA will cost me, and am aware of the future costs as well.

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So….what’s it gonna be bubba? (Or bubbette….smile)

May I suggest you NOT ACCEPT the Top 10 Lack in your life and decide to get INTO ACTION and start creating what you want in your life…..if you wan to build a successful network marketing and powerful Home Business.




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