MLM Training- Which of these 2 Roles Will Your New Distributor Play?

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The 2 MLM Leadership Roles.

Do you know the 2 roles that your new network marketing distributor will play when they join you?

Do you know how to motivate them and move them to action in your mlm home business?

Would you like to know?

Here is the scenario…

Your brand new mlm distributor/consultant – whether they work their business online or offline- is looking for direction and Leadership from you.

But what do you do?

How can you lead?

First off, you need to understand that there are one of 2 roles your new mlm distributor can step into. And you need to understand those 2 roles and what to do with them.

Before you or your new distributor/consultant ever call anyone, or even start your learning, you need to be honest with yourself about your Role with NETWORK MARKETING, and what you are going to be doing as you build your dream business. 

 It does not matter whether you work your business in social media, online marketing, funnel marketing, mobile marketing, skype marketing, or offline networking.

You MUST take the time to define what they are going to be and what they are going to do in their mlm home business.

Many new distributors never take the time to define who they are in their home based business, and what they are going to do. As a result, they never have clearly defined tasks or focus in building their dreams.

 In NETWORK MARKETING you need to decide which one of the following roles you plan to take on, and which is most comfortable for you at this time.  Understand, you will grow tremendously in this business and company, but there always needs to be a starting point. 

Which one best describes you now?

 1)    Reseller.

 This is simply the lifeblood of any network marketing company. You share the Products/Services  with your friends and family, and build a business with lots of customers – over time.  The Commissions / Royalties you earn can become a significant income.  Many friends with whom you share these Products will know someone who might be interested in the business as well. Online in social media, you can share your products easily and effectively.

Your friends may even be interested in working with you to build their own NETWORK MARKETING businesses and dreams. Never be pushy.  Never be pressureful. Never be overbearing.

Be MAGNETIC, with excitement, energy, and passion as you start developing a team of Resellers who decides to duplicate what you’re doing. In this role you can develop part-time supplemental income that can grow into a full time income over time.

You train them to do this online as well as offline, and the more resellers you can build in your team, the more residual income you are going to enjoy!

 2)    Leader.

Serious Resellers who want to build a serious business are the potential Super Stars of NETWORK MARKETING, and they become the Leaders. 

The leader focus is amazing, and the leader work ethic is strong. 

Many NETWORK MARKETING Leaders will grow into this Role by starting only as retailers of Products.  The Path to NETWORK MARKETING Success can be traveled many ways, but the key is to KEEP TRAVELLING THE PATH! 

Career incomes and possible wealth are available at this level. Leadership Development Training is ongoing with Network Marketing training and your aspirations to become a Leader are heavily supported and encouraged.

You have what it takes to become a great leader with NETWORK MARKETING! You just need to decide that Leadership is your path, and Huge Success is your destiny in your mlm business.

 In which role do you see yourself? 


You need to do what excites you the most, and then simply start. That’s it—Just start and set your business onfire in one of these 2 roles- in your mlm home business.

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MLM Training Tips- 4 MLM Secrets to Building Superstars in Your Downline

mlm downline team building leadership

mlm downline team building


Are you looking to build a network marketing mlm team that STICKS and does not go away?

Would you be open to learning how to build a downline online or offline that GROWS and does not GO away?

Many people today in the home business network marketing arena do not build teams correctly. They build downlines that are shaky and not solid. And a shaky downline is at risk to going somewhere else if you are not careful.

I believe that building a team online still must have some offline time. I have watched mlm teams that are built soley online that never really lasted. The goal of building an mlm downline is to BUILD IT ONCE and not over and over as so many home business professionals seem to do.

But it will require looking for the right people on your team.

The reasons that distributors build their downline over and over are many. But the biggest reason is that most network marketing distributors are too focused on “the next recruit” versus BUILDING the NEXT SUPERSTAR.

Did you get what I just wrote?

You need to decide this:

If you are looking for the next recruit or looking for the NEXT SUPERSTAR in your team and working with them.

Yes, you must always be bringing in new personal recruits, but you must balance that with the power of “Superstar Building.”

Here is a Billion Dollar Tip:

What you focus on Building IN your team- ends up being ON your team.

How do you locate the future superstars in your home based business?

You must look for 4 things in your team:

1. New recruits that are VISIBLE and VOCAL.

Many future superstars are Visible and Vocal and want you to know that they are now a part of the team. I am not saying they have to run their mouth. I am saying they are on every webinar and conference call with a guest, and letting you know they are on. They want you to know you can count on them for guests and building.

2. New recruits that are CALLING YOU.

Future superstars do not wait on much. They just pull the trigger and GO. They call you and ask questions as well as ask for your help. They call you to let you know of the success they are having. They call you to let you know that they are available to help if you need them. And they call you to talk to prospects they have already talked with. In your mlm downline, this is GOLD.

3. New recruits that are sponsoring more than the average number monthly.

These are your workhorses. They sponsor more than the average, and do it every month. Your job is to work with those they have sponsored and get them in the training system quickly. Do not let their new recruits go untrained. Your new recruit may be training them. Make sure they are and working with them online and offline.

4. New recruits whose Success is being talked about by others on the team.

This is always a great indicator of the next future superstar- people talking about what they are doing in your downline. If you hear about someone – give them a call and congratulate them for their success and thank them for their efforts. Or you can text them, facebook them, twitter them, or whatever means of communication you see as right. Pay attention to them and call them “Superstar” to let them know they are headed that way.

Call out what you want to see in your group and let your people hear it. They will respond accordingly.

These are 4 powerful mlm downline building tips that will help increase and accelerate your building of your home business mlm downline.

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