MLM Training- The Body Language of THE EYES when Recruiting

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MLM Training on Eyes in Body Language.

How much do you understand about the EYES and Body language when recruiting for your home based business?

How would THAT impact your network marketing business?

Would knowing how to READ the EYES as well as SET YOUR EYES help you in your mlm recruiting?

The eyes are said to be “The gateway to the soul.” The eyes TELL a STORY every time you look into them. They are the “Great Communicators” that work either FOR YOU…

Or against you.

What are YOURS DOING when you are recruiting someone face to face?

Even when you are meeting people on Skype or on a Google Hangout, what are YOUR EYES saying and he prospects as well?

Lets take a look at Body Language and….

The Eyes when Recruiting.

Obviously, looking at someone means showing interest in that person, and showing interest is a giant step forward in making the right impression. Showing Interest is showing YOU CARE about learning about the person. (Remember, each of us is our own favorite subject!)

When recruiting in mlm or a home business, your aim should be to stay with a calm, steady, and non-threatening gaze. It is easy to mismanage this, and so you may have to practice a bit to overcome the common hurdles in this area.

Looking Away from the Prospect.

Looking away from the prospect for long periods while he is talking, closing your eyes while being addressed, repeatedly shifting focus from the subject to some other point: These are likely to leave the wrong impression. Recruiting is making it ALL ABOUT being attentive to the prospect.

Of course, there is a big difference between looking and staring at someone!

Rather than looking the prospect straight-on at all times, create a mental triangle incorporating both eyes and the mouth; your eyes will follow a natural, continuous path along the three points.

Maintain this approach for roughly three-quarters of the time; you can break your gaze to look at the prospect’s hands as points are emphasized, or to refer to your note pad.

These techniques will allow you to leave the impression that you are attentive, sincere, and committed. Staring will only send the message that you are aggressive or have an agenda.

Be wary of breaking eye contact too abruptly, and shifting your focus in ways that will disrupt the atmosphere of professionalism.

Examining the prospect’s below the shoulders, is a sign of over familiarity. (This is an especially important point to keep in mind when you are interviewing by someone of the opposite sex.)

The eyebrows send a message as well.

Under stress, one’s eyebrows may wrinkle; as we have seen, this sends a negative signal about our ability to handle challenges in the business world.  YOU DO NOT wrinkle your eyebrows when recruiting.


The best advice on this score is simply to take a deep breath and collect yourself. Most of the tension that people feel when meeting with a prospect has to do with anxiety about how to respond or what questions to ask.

Practice responses and recruiting tactics and asking recruiting questions and relax, you will do a awesome and CRUSH the recruiting interview.

The eyes are two of the most powerful recruiting tools. Watch your prospect’s eyes and make sure YOU are saying you are a LEADER in your home business mlm.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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