MLM Training- How to CRUSH IT with an In Home Meeting – Part One

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MLM In Home Party Plan Meeting.

Have you ever invited people over to your home for a meeting for your home business?

Do you ever wonder HOW to do an in  home meeting so you can CRUSH IT in your network marketing business?

Would you like a “how to” for doing an in home party plan meeting?

Whether you are working online and in social media or funnel marketing, or do it the old fashioned way person to person or over your mobile, you will find that often doing a group meeting is powerful and produces great results.

Here is part one of this series on how to do a Powerful magnetic In Home Meeting:

In Home meetings (Private Business Receptions) and Party Plans are a great way to introduce your new MLM business to your warm market, and of course, there is a right way and a wrong way to do them.

 What is a Private Business Reception (PBR)?

It is when you invite people over to your home and have a “social-business” network marketing direct sales meeting for about an hour or so, and dispense information to your friends about your mlm business and products and services.

It is a powerful way to create some “instant success” in your business right off the bat, and you can sell a lot of product at a home meeting, or as some companies call it, a “party plan” or a “home party”.

Network Marketing and Direct Sales have used this strategy for  years, and has proven to be a successful venue for your business. Mary Kay has used it for years, as well as Avon, Amway, Jafra, NSA, Herbalife, and many others as well.

At a Private Business reception, or In Home Meeting, you can talk to many people at once,  which is more EFFECTIVE than doing all one on one network marketing appointments. If you are going to be talking to people, why not talk to them in groups?

One of the biggest secrets to wealth in MLM…talk to the majority of people you talk to in groups, whether it is a PBR, or Business Opp meetings, or Conference Calls.

It multiples your time.

Why do a PBR?

 1)It is Comfortable.

Most people who you know wouldn’t mind coming over to your home and seeing a short business presentation to help you.

  2)It is Convenient.

Many hotels are out of the way to many of your friends, and normally, driving to a friend’s home is not an ‘out of the way” thing…

 3)It creates a very “familiar” environment for business.

Your friends who have been over at your home before, will see this as something that is “familiar”, and warm.

 4) It creates a great ‘Social” Focus as well.

Everybody likes to socialize, and we as humans are social creatures for the most part. This can be fun and even exciting if done well, and it has food involved as well.

I have done numerous (hundreds) of PBRs and let me tell you, they not only were fun, but we wrote business out of them.

OK. What do you do?

  A)Decide who you want to come.

Make a list of the people you truly would like to have at your network marketing meeting, and create a list of about 30 names.

  B)Send them Invitations.

Send them an invitation in the mail about your meeting, at least 2 weeks before it happens.

For example, a rep for a nutrition company would send something like this: “You are cordially invited to a Private Business Reception at my home on Wed. the 22nd, to celebrate the opening of our new business in the Healthcare Industry. You will learn how important Healthcare is today for our personal lives, and also how to take advantage of a Trillion Dollar industry that is growing rapidly. It starts at ——–pm, and will end in about an hour. Food and drinks will be served and there will be prizes given away. RSVP.

This invite is short, to the point, and tells them what it is all about. There are many ways to write an invitation, check with your sponsor to see what he/she recommends.

  C)Buy the food and drinks for the Reception.

Don’t over do it. Sodas and finger foods are nice, and all that is really needed. This is NOT a banquet, but a nice reception to celebrate your mlm business. NO ALCOHOL. This is a business meeting.

  D)Follow up with a phone call.

“Hello Nancy? This is Doug, I need your help on something. I recently sent you an invitation to a reception at my home, and I am following up because I really need you there. Can I count on you being there for me?”

KEY Phrase: ”Can I count on you being there for me?” will double your attendance at your meetings, as most people id they know they are being counted on will show up.

  E)Make sure all Audio Video Equipment works…

That is self explanatory.

We will go over Part 2 of this series next post to help you and your mlm network marketing direct sales home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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