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MLM Sales and Marketing Training.

Are YOU using sales in your home business?

Are you adept a making sales for your mlm company?

Would you like to know some sales secrets that work online AND offline?

Sales and Marketing are a part of your home business and network marketing business. It requires the right things to happen for things to happen like you want them to, for this you need the right marketing company to help you, luckily you can find a company in your city if you go online for this.

I read a lot.

On planes.

In hotels.

In cabs.

On my mobile.

Almost anywhere.

ALL the time.

 To learn more so I can become more. You should as well. In my daily pursuit of excellence, I run across great articles and posts all the time that are a part of marketing and sales and leadership, but maybe not a part of the  home business profession. I recently ran across an article on SalesBriefs– and GREAT place to learn more for  the sales experts and I have had some articles on there as well.

I want to share a part of an article with you that I was blown away by as it truly is applicable to our profession. It comes from Dirk willard, who actually writes for chemical sales folks. But this time he has something that can apply to the home business professional and wanted to share it with you:

Here is a part of the article you can find on the salesbrief home page: (Not ALL is applicable to our profession but most parts are- GOOD stuff!)


Despite e-mails and other modern conveniences, selling still is best done face-to-face.

 You must believe in yourself and your product.

 Selling is about infecting the buyer with your enthusiasm for your product. Buying is an emotional experience.

Your goal is to build a strong working relationship with the person who actually can hire you — hopefully, one that lasts for years. Be honest but guarded, generous but firm about necessary profits, and committed to the project but available to spend time on others.

Choose your words carefully, listen to the tone of your voice, read the client’s mind if you can.

 Walk in the person’s shoes. And, never ever bad-mouth the competition — it creates negativity and begs critical comparisons.

Qualify the client. Is the person merely collecting bids or really shopping? Try to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the actual decision-maker.

Ideally you’ll want to sole-source a contract. That means you must offer something the client can’t get elsewhere or some essential expertise. Take care during this process to control trade secrets; a client could become a competitor.

Balancing expertise with likeability is one of the toughest things a salesperson must do.

Many times a client is an inexperienced engineer who may feel threatened by the salesperson’s know-how and smarts.

Put the client at ease by asking lots of questions and gently helping whenever you have to fill in the gaps.

Perhaps the easiest ploy for winning is to appeal to the client’s ambition for personal advancement — hiring you could help. A tour of your engineering firm is a must, but focus on the client’s specialty or other pertinent departments. If the person is a chemical engineer, just mentioning you have a structural engineer should suffice.

Now that the client knows your name, make sure it’s remembered when there’s a contract to be won.

That’s where bidding comes in. Don’t let a salesperson write the estimate alone. Make sure to include the following costs: 1) business development; 2) bid preparation and negotiation; 3) project team orientation; 4) meetings and reviews, and; 5) idle time.

After bidding comes closing. This can be the most difficult phase of a sale. Remind the client that your bid has an expiration date but don’t be annoying — keep the enthusiasm going.

Meet face-to-face as much as possible. Assure the client of your undivided attention, even if that’s not strictly true; after all, to make money, you want your team busy on numerous projects simultaneously. This will help dispel your natural hungriness for the contract.

The final phase involves not just delivering the product but bolstering the prospects of winning future work. The salesperson should act as liaison between the client and the project manager, and help resolve any issues.

Building a good reputation can play a big role in securing future business.

This is a GREAT article on the sales and marketing process for the mlm network marketing home business profession.

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