MLM Training- 15 Secrets Maximizing the Visibility & Attendance of a LIVE Event

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MLM LIVE Events Training.

Do you ever hold or attend LIVE events for your home based business?

What do you do to promote them BEFORE and AFTER the mlm event?

Would you like to know some powerful ways to put POWER in your LIVE network marketing events?

Many people do  not attend live events as they think that they are a waste of time and online is where it is at.

Yes, online network marketing is great, as we teach it. But LIVE event offer what online never can-

Personal live and face to face interaction.

This is a relationship business we all have heard, and you can do a face to face Google hangout or a skype call. But a LIVE event has a totally different dynamic then an online event.


You could combine the dynamics of a LIVE event and the multiplication power of online marketing?

What if you could use BOTH and create a powerful EXPERIENCE that can be viewed and “attended” thousands of times after the fact?

You can,  and that is the reason for this post.

At the Home Business Radio Network, we are starting Google hangouts, which will be an online LIVE event.


If YOU did a LIVE event, and then plugged it into online, do you know what would happen to your event?


That is why I believe that you MUST combine the two today and do it powerfully.

What are some of the secrets to doing that?

Here are 15 Secrets to maximizing ANY Live event you can do for your network marketing business:

1.  Integrate social media via various platforms to generate pre, during & post event buzz & engagement

2.  Pre-show Facebook polls to gather research for event speakers & content

3. Pre-show Facebook contests to win free tickets

4. Ensure top social network urls are included on all event web pages

5.  Instead of traditional biz cards use event biz cards w/unique urls to measure response.

6. Offer giveaway and post results on Facebook page daily and grand prize after

7. Post photos and videos during show on twitter, facebook, google+, youtube, instagram. Tag participants.

8. Stream content live from event booth, keynote presentations, breakouts etc.

9. Video tape clients, partners & team members at event. Leverage later for web and social platform content.

10. Trickle content to web & social platforms post-event to maximize time leverage. Don’t post all at one time.

11. Tweet LIVE from the event to tell about the great things that are happening RIGHT THEN.

12. Use Ustream TV and LIVE STREAM the event over the internet.

13. Get your team to record other team members and place them on the internet.

14. Take pictures and upload them on and Instagram.

15. Get testimonials about the event from people that were there and upload them on youtube, metacafe, or google+.

These are 15 powerful ways that you can EXPLODE the power of your LIVE events in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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