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Are you recruiting people in Social Media for your home based business?

Do you use social media for your prospecting in your network marketing training?

Are you successful in your social media recruiting for your network marketing business?

There are 4 types of folks that you will find in your social media recruiting efforts. The first one is the LOOKER.

Let’s take a look at the LOOKER Type of Candidates in Social Recruiting:

1. The LOOKER. 

This prospect in corporate recruiting is the person who is ACTIVELY LOOKING for a job or employment. In home business  mlm recruiting, this is a prospect that is LOOKING FOR CHANGE and LOOKING FOR MORE out of life.

They have their “radar” on looking for a FIT and a MATCH to where they see their lives are going.

They can be found on LinkedIn, Fast Pitch Networking, job boards, in discussion groups, asking for referrals, sending out direct messages, as well as just in social groups networking. They spend time not only on LinkedIn, but also facebook, follow
twitter feeds for possible job options, and check online career boards for possible options. They go to,,, among many other career sites.

THAT is one of the biggest traits when it comes to LOOKERS. They are aggressively NETWORKING with other people, EXPOSING their names and profiles to get noticed. They are not afraid of placing their resume online and in public if needed.

In home business recruiting, Lookers make it known via comments and conversations that they are searching for a change in their life or want MORE out of life. It could be because of college tuition coming up, wanting a new home or car, or almost
anything that helps move their life forward to where they want it to go.

Lookers know what they are looking for, where they must go to possibly find it. They are very social and social media savvy in nature. They spend more time on social sites then the average person, can smell insincerity through their computers, and
known what they can bring to the table skill set wise as well as education.

Traits of a LOOKER.

The traits of a Looker are:

  •          Aggressive.
  •          Sharp.
  •           AWARE.
  •          Know what they want and how to get it.
             Relationship based.
            Teachable and Willing to Learn.
            Timing is NOW not tomorrow.
            Leadership skill set can be strong.
            Ambitious and growing.
            Dissatisfied and Discontented, but  not Discouraged.
            Sense of Urgency.
            Loyal and demands loyalty.
  1. These folks are easy to recruit for a home business. Even if they are looking a corporate position, they still can be easy to recruit.

The Social Recruiter  says, “Surprisingly, many of the Lookers actually are open to a more non traditional career path- even some part time. When I discovered this, I thought that was amazing. I only offer full time employment. But if I was in a home business, I would spend a lot of time looking for those kinds of candidates. They make themselves known and make it a point to get to know others. They are natural networkers and go getters.

 Some are motivated by unjustly being fired, some because they want a career change, some because they
want better money or position, and others because they want a more suitable corporate culture to work in. They are front and center and let you know it. But again, you only get ONE SHOT at this type of candidate.

 You MUST use the words and phrases that will get their attention the RIGHT WAY. Many people in social media I have observed, truly say a lot of the wrong things that push the candidate away. They could have had a powerhouse of a Leader with amazing connections at their call, but did not know the right approach or social focus to PULL them in. It is critical that you know this. Otherwise, you will never get the time of day
from them.”

How about YOU? Are you making that mistake?

 Lookers are looking for a MATCH.

 It is the same in home business and mlm. Lookers are looking for a MATCH.

They are lookingfor a match to where they want their life to go, and a possible business vehicleto get them there. That is the reason that if you are talking to a Looker, then you need to talk “match.”

“I am looking for a match for my company and someone who is looking for a match for their future.
Someone who would be a great fit for us and our company would be a fit for them.”

 You get the point.

This is how you hold conversation on the social sites. Talk “Match” and “Fit” with Lookers. That is the language that will pull them towards you. It rings in their heart as a conversation they would like to explore.

Lookers are VISIBLE and VALUABLE.

Lookers are the “Hunters” in Social Recruiting and they actively go out and “hunt” for the right job or the right business for their life. They are ACTIVE Networkers and are powerful Connectors. They are active in social media as well as offline.

They spend a LOT of time connecting with who they perceive the “right people”- someone who can help them locate the position or career they are looking for. They are often powerful Leaders with a vision for where they are headed. And many are looking
also to “expand” their horizons with something different-like a part time business they own in mlm or network marketing.

Many Lookers today are looking – with one eye for employment online- and with the other eye looking for possible alternatives. YOU offer the alternative with a home business.

You will find MANY Lookers at LIVE Social Networking Events including: “meetups,” “tweetups,” and “Mashups.”

 Look for them and connect to them for a conversation of possibilities for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  1. Tim Johnson says

    Doug, I did not realize there are some very key phrases to attract these LOOKERS to you.

    This is how you hold conversation on the social sites. Talk “Match” and “Fit” with Lookers. That is the language that will pull them towards you. It rings in their heart as a conversation they would like to explore.

    And many are looking
    also to “expand” their horizons with something different-like a part time business they own in mlm or network marketing.

  2. Andrew Magee says

    *** Social Media Prospects! They are looking to expand their horizons and looking for alternative! We have to help them with the alternatives *** ANDY MAGEE


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