MLM Prospecting- The Magnetic Prospecting Rule of BWPA.

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MLM Recruiting Offline.

Are you using offline recruiting and prospecting tactic for your your home based business?
Have you ever used more traditional methods to recruit for your network marketing business?
What kind of success have you experienced with offline mlm recruiting tactics?
Offline (Traditional) prospecting and recruiting is still a mainstay for the home business profession. A whole lot more people are recruiting OFFLINE then online still today. But online recruiting has gotten very popular the last few years.
Many folks think that they do not want to go and talk to their friends and family, because they do not want to “bug” them. That is not even close to what happens when you are prospecting them as a possibility for your mlm business.
The secret is to have a “balance” between the offline and online prospecting worlds, and then gravitate to which one you like more and feels “more like you.” Many people prefer offline methods more so then online as that is what they feel comfortable with. And that is the reason for this post.
Offline is CRITICAL to develop powerful relationships with your prospects, and with your recruits. Are you doing that?
Offline prospecting tactics today are getting more popular than the last 5 years.
Things seemed to have changed.
It used to be ALL about social media and online, but offline has found favor again.
Nothing like a personal touch in prospecting.
Mobile is the “new darling” of the internet and social world, but combined with the offline tactics, it accelerates it’s power dramatically.
•There are 3 powerful secrets to Offline prospecting:
1. NO Pressure.
Make it light and friendly. Get the pressure off, and prospect like a professional.
2. Make it ALL About the prospect.
•It is NOT about you. Think T.I.N.Y.
Their Interests Not Yours.
People really do not care about your issues or problems. They care about THEIRS FIRST. Then THEIRS SECOND. And then MAYBE…yours third.
3. Keep them ENGAGED in the Process.
Keep them INVOLVED. It is not enough to get the INTERESTED, You must get them INVOLVED. If you get them involved, you have PULLED them towards you and now you can more easily recruit them.
MAGNETIC Prospecting Secret:

The Rule of BWPA.

•This is prospecting rule that simply says, “Be Where People Are.”
Look in newspapers.

Newspapers are the best place to look for where events are happening.

Radio remotes.

These are great places to be where people gather.
Chamber parties.

These are a great place to meet business professionals and start connecting with them.
Athletic events.

Sports events are a special place to meet parents of the players.

Shopping special ads.

People like to shop. They stay for hours. They are conversations waiting to happen.

Any Special event.
Wherever people ARE, you Must BE. It is critical that you understand that. They are conversations that are waiting to happen for your mlm network marketing home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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