MLM Training- How to Do a Magnetic Three Way- Part Two

mlm 3 way calling network marketing

mlm network marketing 3 ways calling

MLM Three Way Calling Training.

Do you do three way call for your team when recruiting for your home based business?

How do you do them in your network marketing mlm business?

Is your work at home business focused on three way calling or not?

Three way calling is CRITICAL to do with your home business, and if you are not doing them, you are missing out on the accelerating power of this tool.

I covered Part One of this Three Way Calling Series in this post- How to Do a Magnetic Three way” and I encourage you to read this if you have not.

Here is Step Two of the three way calling process. Step one is “The Introduction” and then you move to step two of a three part process:

2)  “The Expert” – your NETWORK MARKETING sponsor or upline who is calling with you.

During a three way call, your sponsor will thank the prospects for their time and let them know he is glad to finally talk to them!  He will reaffirm what you have told the prospects, validate you, answer any questions, and give them a larger vision of the big picture of what’s going on with the company.

She will generally talk for only a couple of minutes to respect the prospects’ time. There are many different ways to do three ways, but always ask questions about the prospects, and show you are INTERESTED IN THEM! 

People will find you INTERESTING, if they feel you are INTERESTED IN THEM!

The Sponsor will cover the five points of a three way call here.  Your sponsor will also help get your prospects to the next NETWORK MARKETING company event, conference call, or web cast, and also edify you as a serious player in this business (If you are doing three ways, you ARE a Player!)  Below is a sample template of a three way call, the Expert’s part.

The expert must maintain control of the conversation and limit the call to three minutes or less.  Otherwise, your prospects will think they don’t have time for the business, and you won’t be productive either!

“Hi Lisa, my name is Mary, and I have been looking forward to meeting you.  The reason I’m on the line is because Diane has told me a lot of great things about you and she said you’re taking a look at our company/products, so we thought we’d touch base with you together.  You’re probably busy so we promise not to keep you long. We just want to take a couple of minutes to share a couple of things with you.  I understand you live in Bay City.  I live in Hollywood so we’re really close!  And Diane said you’ve got two little ones, is that right?  What are their names?  How old are your children?  Do you work outside the home?  Are you married?  What kind of work does your husband do?  What do you guys like to do for fun?”  (Make it natural, not like you’re drilling them!  You’re looking for anything you have in common here, to bond with them.  Slip in your commonalities…  “We’ve got a 7 & 9 year old too!”)

 “Let me ask you Lisa, have you had a chance to take a look at the information Diane gave you about our company yet?  Great!  Let me tell you a little bit about what’s happened to me with this company… Since I’ve been involved for the last three years, not only have I found my income has dramatically improved, but I’ve been able to… (Quit my job and stay home with the kids, earn more $, enable my husband to cut back on overtime, work less hours, contribute significantly to the new building for our church, travel the world, retire early, put our kids in private school, put our kids through college, etc.), and we are looking for others who want to do the same and more.  What would making more money mean to you and your family?” 

 “Do you have any questions I could answer for you?  (Answer two or
three)  Lisa, I’m not sure if this is for you or not, but it sounds like you have some great questions and some interest in finding out more about what we do.
I’d love to have you take a closer look at how this can possibly work for you.  What are you doing Tuesday night?  The reason I ask is because all
of the questions you have can be answered at an event/conf call/webinar we are holding, and we would be honored for you to be our guest. Are you
available?  Great!  Why don’t you and Diane just come together.
She can pick you up! (Or she can three way you in)  You couldn’t be in any better hands than Diane’s! 

Well as I promised up front, we don’t want to keep you long but it’s been great talking with you and I have really enjoyed it. I love your personality.
I will turn this back over to Diane so you two can make arrangements.  I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow night Lisa.  I’m going to jump off the line now. Thanks Lisa.”

Success Suggestion:  Write your personal bullet points on an index card by the phone to make sure you include all the pertinent points as the “Expert” during your three way calls for your mlm network marketing home business.

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