MLM Training – 4 Ways to Answer the “What Is It?” Question

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MLM Answering”What Is It?” Training.

Have you ever gotten the response, “What is it?” for your home business?

What did you say when someone asked that question regarding your network marketing business?

Would you like to know some ways to handle that questions for your mlm?

Many questions will stump distributors and one of the biggest is “What is it?” There are other questions as well, but this one looms large in many team members minds. It often shuts down the distributor from moving forward, as they simply do not know how to answer it.

Even on social media and mobile media, many people ask this question and have no idea how to answer it. Some say things that totally work against them. And it frustrates the new distributor and eventually even discourages that person.

I can remember when I first heard that question. I was stumped and had no clue of what to say. I tried to stumble through it, but found out that does not work. ever. I asked my upline, and they had no clue either. One told me in 1990, “Whatever you do- don’t tell them it is network marketing!”

“Good grief” as Charlie Brown would say. If you are that ashamed of being in this great profession- GET OUT and STAY OUT of it. You give the profession a black eye, just like Realtors who try and scam people as well as Insurance sales people. it does not good to try and hide the truth as the fact that it IS direct selling and a home business- is INCREDIBLE.

So what can you say about this question….?

Here are some suggested Responses to the question “What Is It?”

 1. “That is a great question!  It would take me about five minutes to tell you about it.  All I can tell you is that it’s a business that has changed my life. I would like for you to listen to a brief conference call/CD/DVD  -or- View a short online video or webinar– featuring one of our top people who is very successful. She’s an expert and says it better than I ever could! (Give them the number and time.).”

2.  “You know, that is a great question… but I would rather you see it through your own eyes than mine.  That is what I am looking for… an honest, unbiased opinion.  We’ll talk after the (conference call, Luncheon, appointment, viewing the online video etc). Is that fair?”

 3. “It is the most amazing thing- a product that <Biggest BENEFITS>  that I can actually market out of my home. Have you ever considered owning your own business- working out of your home–or run across a business model called NETWORK MARKETING?”

4.  “I’ll let you decide that… here… listen to/look at this CD/DVD  or watch this online video on my mobile- it is only 2 minutes long”

These are 4 powerful responses to the question “What Is It?” for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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