Social Media MLM- 2 Hidden Secrets of Massive MLM Social Media Success

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MLM Social Media.

Do you know how to use social media with your network marketing home business?

How do you move into the social networking arena with an mlm business?

Would it help to learn 2 powerful social media secrets that could accelerate your mlm recruiting and mlm prospecting?

Social Media is one of the most powerful influences today in the home business profession. Many people are using it for their home business, but many do not understand the RULES of social medai in home business. I want to share with you 2 very powerful secrets to social media mlm that will help you create a better magnetism and understanding for your network marketing business.

What are the 2  powerful Social Media MLM Rules?

1. It is No Longer just about Influence, but IMPACT.

 Influence is at the core of Leadership and the secret to this business of network marketing is Leadership Development. But today, things are changing and Influence is no longer the  “Power Factor” of Success with people in a Home business.


People today are not looking as much for Influence as something that stirs them up on the inside in a positive way and they FEEL the message-not just hear it or see it. Impact is the force that something hits something else. What FORCE does your message for your company have? What Impact does it carry?

 Take Nike. That company has Impact with a slogan, or “meme” that you cannot forget. “Just do It.™ That carries with it Impact that amplifies Influence to take action. And what today’s consumers and prospects are looking for is no longer to be Influenced to DO something- but Impacted so they FEEL something and be moved by it emotionally and psychologically.

 Many people today create a weaker influence than they should, and thusly it weakens their results as well as actions.

Create and impact with your message and product.

Make a BOLD statement.

Make an Extraordinary Promise.

Ask a thought provoking question.

Create a word picture that draws people towards you.

Display an image that tells a story-liker the Apple Ipod advertisements – just a silhouette that tells a story.

Take your prospects somewhere away in their mind with the sharing of your business and where it could take them.

Amplify your Passion and get people magnetized to listen because of what is pouring out of you. THAT creates Impact.

 Influence will always be important. But today, Impact is Imperative.

 Rule 2:  It is No Longer just about Marketing – but Membership.

 Marketing today is morphing into something that is part message, country club, and process. People today are getting tired of being “pitched” a marketing campaign or message. They have ascended to a higher place and form of marketing that they demand it if you want to get their attention.

They are looking for membership-to be part of an exclusive “club” or “place” that they can build a community as well as life around. Your Home business should not be to your prospect just “another one of those deals,” but one of the premier providers of the benefits you offer, and an absolute MUST to be a part of. That is how today’s marketer are approaching the masses.

If you take a look at any marketing or business magazine, you will find phrases like “join us,” or “become a part of this amazing future” or “embrace the future with us,” or even “Partner with us in this amazing journey.”

 They get it.

They know that Membership today is starting to powerfully drive marketing. Yes, you still must market with the process and message no doubt.. But today, you market on the prospect’s terms, and not the corporations. The prospects of today have made the decision that either you give them something that will create what they are looking for, or they will go somewhere else.

And if they can sense that their life will become better for just being a PART of something- and not just purchase something, you will find your business taking off like a rocket.

 Make your business the most powerful place to be, through the focus of helping others, the incredible education that people will receive through their joining, the new family that they will be a part of, the ‘new You” that they will experience and see from membership of this team,.

And of course, the lifestyle change they will experience that comes with just being a member. If you do this, any product you have to market, will become multiplied throughout the market.

These are 2 powerful secrets that will help you explode your results in your social media mlm home business!

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