MLM Training- How to CRUSH IT with an In Home Meeting- Part Two

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Have you ever done an in home party for your network marketing home business?

Would you like to know some little taught secrets to mlm home business?

Here is PART 2 of an article that I recently posted:

We were in the middle of telling what you did to hold a successful in home meeting. Here is the second part of the direct selling article:

F) Greet them when they arrive with either a gift or food.

Make them feel welcome and many folks have given away book markers, or anything along those lines as a “Thank you” for coming. Food works as well.

  G)Have a social time of about 30 minutes prior to the meeting.

Introduce your friends to those they don’t know and make sure people are eating and drinking a drink.

NOTE: Have a “Host’ Mentality. Be the host and make sure everyone is comfortable.

  H) Do a short 20 minute presentation on the Company, Products, and Comp plan.

Check to see what your company has available. Make your presentation fun and informational. Ask a lot of questions to your attendees, and don’t sell, but simply tell.

 I) After the presentation, hand out the “PBR Profile.”

Say “I need your help. I would like for you to try our products, and also we are looking for a couple of people to partner up with to help introduce our program to this area. You may know someone that could use a secondary revenue source of an extra $1,000-2000 a month. Please
fill out the form I just gave you.

There are 5 questions.

Telephone_____________________________ Email_________________________________


1. “Do you like the idea of (Whatever the benefits are of your products)

 2.  “Do you know someone who could use and extra $1,000 a month without changing anything they are doing?”

 3.  “What part of what you have seen tonight did you like the best?”

 4. “What product do you believe will be the most popular?”

 5.  “Can you see yourself or someone you know becoming successful in something like this?” This profile will help you ascertain who truly has an interest and doesn’t in network marketing.

 J) Hand out the Information Packets.

These simply contain brochures, audios and any other information piece you think they need…

 K) Socialize again and answer questions, and set follow up appointments.

Ask — ”Which part did you like the best?” And then set up times to follow up one on one…

NOTE:  Have a few of your closest friends people bring a drink or chips. This will insure they are there and this works every time…

Also, understand the “ Law of No shows.”

You will have about 60-75% of the people that swear they will be there, not show up. Expect it. It is human nature, and its par for the course for a PBR. I am speaking from experience.

Yes there are exceptions, and pray you have 40% show up.


So. If you want 10 people to show up, invite 35-40, and you should have about that many show, and be thankful they do. Follow up with the no shows and simply say,”I still need your help. When can we get together for 15 minutes?”

There are many ways to do a PBR and In Home Meeting. This is just one way, but a PROVEN way to write a lot of business in MLM and Network Marketing.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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