MLM Training- 5 Magnetic Questions to Ask During a Tough Economy

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MLM Questions that PULL.

These times seem to be tough for a lot of folks in network marketing.

You may be one of them if you own a fhome based business.

Would you like to know some questions that you can ask people during a tough economy that have PROVEN to work?

There are many secrets to the home business profession, but here are two that will help you in your success in mlm and network marketing.

 Secret 1.

 You know what the prospect is looking for. But let them know what YOU are looking for during these tough economic times.

That is THE Secret to building a successful home business. But most talk Leadership and discuss it and know the need for it.
But few demand it. The demand for leadership should be something that every consultant and distributor should be focused on.

Leadership from their Upline.

Leadership for the company.


It is critical and mandatory that the demand for mlm leadership be front and center and not settle for anything less. That is the problem. Many settle for anything but leadership, as they are more focused on “managing the prospect” versus LEADING THE MLM PROSPECT.

Do NOT fall into that trap.  Do NOT be focussed on the wrong this that eventually takes you out of the game. This economy DEMANDS Leadership and it will not settle for anything less.

So there is a NEED for building leaders and becoming one.

 You be the one that focuses on finding Leaders that can lead others through this tough field of economic landmines. Be upfront about it and let them know that you are looking for a Leader that can help others in this quest.
“I can find distributors anywhere. They are a dime a dozen. But these tough economic times require Leadership. That is what I am looking for as well as the company. I have been impressed with your personality and focus. What do you believe is your strongest Leadership skill?”
You just paid them a huge compliment and made them feel really good about talking with you. That will go a long way to the prospect feeling good about your conversation.



Leadership will show up.
 Secret 2: 
The Big 5 Questions to Ask a Cold Market Prospect During a slow Economy:
1) What is your View of the economic situation n the US?
2) How do you honestly feel it is going to affect you and your family?
3) How important will it be for people to bring in additional income?
4) Would extra income help you during this economic mess?
5) Are you open to exploring some income options that have helped others alleviate all worry of income no matter what happens to the economy?

These questions are what the people are thinking in 2012. Simple as that. These are 5 POWERFUL questions you can ask your network marketing mlm prospects.

Use them. Ask them. Succeed with them in your home business.

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