Home Business Training- A Billion Dollar Paradigm Shift?

home business billion dollars

home business billion dollars

Home business

success requires growth and transformation along the way, no doubt.

Many people today play with their home business.

They refuse to GROW and STRETCH themselves like they should. They need to create a paradigm shift that will take their Thinking, Belief, Expectations, and RESULTS to a level they never thought possible.

If you do that one thing- people will start RESPONDING to you differently. They will be more positive as they will FEEL a level of Success they do not have in their life. You may not be there yet yourself, but you must create that paradigm shift in your mind.

But a BILLION DOLLAR Paradigm Shift?


That is what happened to me with the 7 Billion Dollar Networker.He totally shifted my paradigm from thinking MILLIONS to BILLIONS in home business volume.

Think about the change and the level of thinking that would require from someone. A Billion dollars is a LOT of volume and money. So is a Million dollars, but what a shift in thinking that does to you.

When I made the Billion Dollar Shift in the mid 90s it was awesome. I started thinking much bigger and expecting much bigger. And it showed in how people responded to my conversations. “Billion” was not a part of most people’s perspective, and it really STRETCHED people in their home based business.

What about YOU?

What about thinking about doing a BILLION DOLLARS in volume in your home business?

Does it seem POSSIBLE?

Does it feel like it would FORCE YOU TO GROW?

It makes you MAGNETIC.

It would DRAW people towards you, as most do NOT talk billions. And when you tell someone that your goal is to help the company build a Billion Dollar Business….

THAT will get people’s attention in a whole new way. Your home business would take on a whole new level of image and power.

Have YOU thought of moving into the Billion Dollar Zone?

The first time I was introduced to think a Billion Dollars, I laughed. It was so foreign and out of reach. I was struggling to pay bills. But once I got a hold of it and understood that it is just a different and higher level of conversation, it eventually started feeling normal and natural.

And since then, and because I embraced the possibility…I have been blessed to build a Billion Dollar Success story.

Billion Dollar Prospecting is about that ONE THING:

Moving your prospecting success to a level that maybe may feel uncomfortable, but I can tell you- it will transform who you are when you move to that level.

Yeah, you may get the nay sayers and the neg-heads as I call them. But you will start seeing what is REALLY possible in your home business and MLM.

Do YOU have the gumption and the GUTS to take it to a Billion Dollar Level and Zone?

 If you do, then you will enroll in the Billion Dollar Prospecting Course.

Do NOT be just the “freebies” takers that are not willing to invest in their home based business. Most people spend more than 37.00 at a dinner that is unhealthy and will not change anything their  life.

Folks, we are talking LIFE Transforming here and Business Transforming education.

I encourage you to move to the Billion Dollar Level of Success! That is what Billion Dollar Prospecting will do- take your Lead generation to a whole new level and create a radical prospecting paradigm shift.

But do you have the GUTS to DO JUST THAT? 

ENROLL NOW in the Billion Dollar Prospecting Course…


It’s TIME to GET SERIOUS Folks.   NOW! If I did not think this would help your business — I would not be talking about it.

If you are in network marketing, start RISING to the Level of a Billion Dollars at least in your mind. That is so critical as it will set you apart from the  majority of people in network marketing. YOU are the BEST and deserve the best that life has to offer. RISE to the Billion Dollar Level NOW!

That thinking and belief level alone will start transforming your Success in your MLM Home Business!

blessings…doug firebaugh
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