Social Media MLM- 18 Ways to Maximize Your Visibility on Facebook

mlm facebook

mlm facebook

MLM Social Media facebook.

Are you using facebook for your network marketing home business?

Do you know how to maximize your facebook visibility for your home business?

How do you use facebook with your mlm business?

Facebook is one of the most powerful social sites out there, with over 800 million people. There are certain “basics” that you need to kow to maximize the visibility of your brand in social media for your home based business.

Below are 17 secrets to Maximizing your Visibility and Brand of your home business:

1. Add your company to your personal profile.

2. Add the url for your company blog or website to your personal profile.

3. Create a Facebook fan page for your business.

4. Create a custom photo badge and place in the left side/photo area of your business page.

5. Create a look and feel for your Facebook page consistent with your brand that supports goals and objectives.

6. Complete all profile information for your Facebook business/fan page.

7. Create custom Facebook tabs to help people better access the content you have posted on other platforms.

8. Use the hootsuite tool to import your Tweets via RSS.

9. Use a tool such as to insert your favorite tweets via the Twitter RSS feed for such into a Facebook tab.

10. Add the comments application to enable your clients or partners to leave a review and post to your Facebook page.

11. Add photos  to your personal profile as well as Facebook business page.

12. Tag local businesses and friends when posting photos to your business page.

13. Ask simple questions via Facebook post or poll.  People love to answer simple questions in social media.

14.  Add an opt-in to your email newsletter in exchange for download of an awesome whitepaper via one of your Facebook business tabs.

15. Add a video from YouTube or upload directly to Facebook of a topic that answers a question related to your industry or niche.

16.  Subscribe to Networked Blogs and link with your Facebook account. You can have all new blog posts post automatically to your Facebook personal profile and business page.

17. Purchase Facebook ads to inspire people to “like” your page.

18. Remember not to spam your news feed constantly asking people to “like” your page. It’s what happens after the “like” that matters most. Give them a reason to become and stay a “liker” of your page!

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These at 18 Powerful Ways to maximize your facebook visibility for your mlm network marketing home business!

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