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Have you ever done something you regretted in your home business?

Have you ever done the right thing and it cost you even though it was the right thing?

What would happen if you did the right thing all the time and it may not be the cool thing- but the right thing for your mlm network marketing business?

I have seen over the years good people doing bad things because of the pressure of getting ahead and playing the game of Success. But game is not really a game, but a platform that you want to stand on and run your business on.

And Success is an engine.

But it hasĀ a nuclear core that will always be running it for the long term.

And that nuclear core will determine:

Your Reputation.

Your Results.

Your Image.

Your Self esteem.

Your Actions.

Your Planning.

Your Words.

And just about everything that you can imagine that a business needs to run and endure.

What is the nuclear core of all home business network marketing success?


And there often is a lack of it when people are running businesses and “situations” occur that can put you ahead, but you know it is the wrong thing to do.

And when you do that wrong thing, it will come back and bite you in the future.

It always does.

Manage your reputation by doing the right thing at the times that you could do wrong as your downline is looking.

So is God. (Yeah I know, for some people it is not cool to mention Him. Get over it.)

And you may be going through a test to see if you can be trusted with more Success.

Integrity is doing the right thing and being the right person when no one else is looking.

Is that YOU?

I know. Integrity is not hip. Not popular. And even frowned upon by some folks.

But it will always be the nuclear core to this wonderful profession as a True Leader. No strategy, no tactic, no plan, no result will even be worth doing the wrong thing.

Be a Leader among Leaders.

Do the right thing as it is a Leadership trait that you must display.

if you do, do not be surprised if every aspect of your business truly starts exploding as Integrity is also a catalyst and can catalyze a lot of things in your network marketing business.

Again…would you aspire to be a Leader among Leaders? The you know the nuclear core of what it takes:

Integrity. Let that be your compass and GPS in your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  1. Excellent point Doug. Having integrity is one of those things that few people value these days. In fact, by keeping your integrity you may get shafted once-in-a-while, you may get the short end of the stick…but it will always pay off in the long run.

  2. Thanks Doug. This is a great article. The Network Marketing business has been full of unethical people for a long time. The Internet has probably made it worse, but everyone needs to be able to stand on their ethics if they ever want to achieve wealth. Because, true wealth is much more than money.

  3. Andrew Magee says


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