MLM Training- Are YOU Practicing “Net-DOG Marketing” Unknowingly?

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Are YOU practicing NetDOG Marketing?

Do you KNOW what that is in a home business?

Would you like to know what it is and STOP IT if you are in a network marketing business?

This business of MLM often has gone to the DOGS!


It is time that you realized the “Rule of the Dog” in Network Marketing:

You are NOT a dog. Quit chasing after people like a dog – and start developing new relationships with people who are chasing you.


You are NOT a dog. Quit chasing after people like a dog-  and start developing new relationships with people who are chasing you.

 Most people in this business chase people for phone calls, for appointments, and even dates
they can get together and talk.

That is one of the most powerful realizations in home business. Chasing people that you
want to recruit into this industry is:

1)   Demeaning.

You do not need to be demeaned in your efforts from people that will never understand. You are a Home Business Professional and you should realize that you are looking for the RIGHT leader- not just for someone that has a breath. Quit chasing the Neg-heads and start embracing new friends who want to talk to you that you can find online.

2)   Desperate.

When you are chasing folks, you are looking and coming across as desperate. Your intentions may be good, but your image is not. Chasing people always looks like you have nothing going on in your business, and this is one of your last prospects. You need to come
across as the exact opposite. You will be glad that you did, as it truly makes you look confident.

3)   Delusional.

If you think that chasing people to get them into your business is going to be magnetic, you are delusional. It will never attract quality into your business. And you will continue to be frustrated and discouraged.

Now let’s be clear about something.

You MUST follow up with everyone that you connect with. That is part of the foundational
Success process.

But you do not want to chase them.

That sends the wrong message and the wrong intentions.

Leaders do NOT chase. They simply reconnect and see if they are supposed to pursue it any further.

What is the dfference?

 Chasing is letting the prospect set the time agenda and control the situation.

Letting the prospect chase you is you setting the time agenda, and controlling the
situation like all Leaders do.

That is why that you need to make that paradigm shift, and start to understand that thee
are people out there that truly are looking for you, and you just need to connect with them. That is why social media is so important in today’s business.

It allows you access to these folks and the ability to find them, befriend them, and then recruit them. It takes time, and it takes some learning, but it is so much more powerful than chasing prospects continually just trying to get them to answer the telephone.

Do NOT practice NetDOG Marketing in your mlm network marketing home business!

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  2. Tim Johnson says:

    As a successful and growing NWM’er, it is your prime responsibility to be daily, ongoing, continiously be adding people to your conversation pipeline.

    If your pipeline only has a few “drips” of people coming out of it, it is your responsibility, I.E. your ability to respond, to prime that pump handle, and pump, and pump, and pump, and pump until a steady ‘flow’ of people begin to flow out of your pipeline.

    The people that flow out of your pipeline, need to be in such a quantity that you do not have enough hours in a day to keep up! That’s when you will no longer be the “dog” in Net-DOG Marketing, and the chase will reverse itself, and those people begin to chase YOU!

    That’s how winning is done!

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