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MLM Discouragement Training.

Have you ever been discouraged in your home based business you are working?

Are you fighting discouragement now in your network marketing enterprise?

Do you know people on your mlm work at home team that are fighting discouragement?

Often, discouragement can be like a cancer that you do not know that is happening. I have seen this take so many good people out of this business. They had GREAT potential but yet, they did not stay on the business.


Well, to answer that, you really need to look at the REASONS why people get frustrated and discouraged. It is quite revealing how it happens, what makes it happens, and even how to over come it. But one thing I know- you CAN and WILL overcome it if you allow yourself to do that. I think you should also visit birrongsurialpacas for more information.

What IS discouragement and what prompts it in the home business profession?

It starts with an understanding of what discouragement really is, and what creates it, and then what to do to get rid of it, and ALL MLM Leaders need to know this.

First off, all discouragement is really and simply an emotion that replaces courage, or the will to continue. Discouragement has a “STOP” impact on all of us, and it stops us from moving forward.

And just like the negative and potentially poisonous words displace, distrust, or dislike, this emotion creates the opposite of what once was. It is the Silent, Deadly Thief in a Distributors life, and you must know how to handle it if you are ever going to  build a great team. It is easy to do- if you know WHAT TO DO and what causes this emotion of STOP.

Through our research and 26 years in this profession, we have found that there are basically 5 things that create discouragement in this business, and all else revolves around them:

1)Questioning yourself.

All discouragement starts with simply questioning yourself whether consciously, or subconsciously. Those deadly words -”Can I really Do this?” echoes in their heart and you really start to doubt you and your abilities and this alone can sabotage a career in direct sales. I have seen it too many times.

2) Lack of Results.

This is a biggie. RESULTS RULE in most cultures in the home business profession. You can eject yourself from this business with no results or at least small results that do not get any bigger. And all this starts with questioning YOU, your ABILITIES and TALENT, which sabotages your actions, which cripples your results.

3) Expectations too high.

This is done almost daily in this profession and it is a killer of results and even bothering to attempt any actions. It can be a de-moralizer, and a de-motivator as well.  The new person does not yet have the skill set to build a million dollar business, but expects to, and when it does not happen quickly as they expect or have been led to expect, they think they cannot do this business. They CAN but they have to develop the belief and skill set- something someone forgot to tell them.

4) Listening to the Wrong People.

This can discourage quickly especially if Influencers in your life are being negative towards your new home business.  People that the new distributor knows becomes negative and the distributor is not inoculated to fend off the poison arrows of negative and stopping words and conversations.. (This is a Must!)

5) Loss of a Vision OnFire.

People start a hone business to Increase, Empower, or Improve something in their life. All Leaders know this. After you have been in a while, you can lose the Fire for your Vision, because slowly, silently, Doubt has crept in, created by distractions, or Lack of Focus, or lack of Empowering Relationships…growing into a Discouragement Tumor, then Cancer. And then because of the lack of Fire being fanned, it slowly….goes out.

Next post- WHAT TO DO to turn Discouragement around in your team!

These are 5 reasons why people can get discouraged in the mlm network marketing home business.

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