MLM Social Media- BEST 5 Social Sites to Find and Recruit Prospects?

mlm social media

mlm social media

MLM Social Media Best Recruiting Sites.

WHERE are YOU PLANNING ON LOOKING for your home business prospects in social media?

Do you have a particular favorite for your mlm business prospecting?

What would it mean to know where the best sites are to recruit in social media?

This is a HUGE question as social media is so varied and eclectic. There are SO MANY
social networking sites that you can waste your time on many of them.

Where is the BEST Place PROVEN to work for recruiting?

Here is a secret: Find 3 or 4 PRIMARY social media sites as well as 3 or 4 secondary social media sites and “nest” there or a while.

Work them daily and relentlessly.

Why only this many?

Why shouldn’t you be working 100? After all, there are over 4000 social sites out there!

The Reason?

Credibility and Visibility.

If you show up on a social site only on occasion, you will not be viewed as a true participant in that social media site.

You must have a consistency in your visibility.

Did you catch that?

You must have a Consistency in your Visibility.

Many do not.

They are on a social site only once in a while and expect to be taken seriously as a social
networker. Your consistency in presence is a determining factor in your making friends, as well as your posts and questions being seen and addressed.

No, you do not have to spend all day on a site.

But being there for a few minutes every day goes a LONG way in Social Recruiting for a home business.

Yes, as a corporate recruiter, you must be consistently visible on the job boards as well
as the social career sites. No doubt. But it is not as nearly as important as when you own a home business. In corporate recruiting, we use resume sites as well as social media. In home business, it is more focused on social media and funnel marketing.

Consistency in Visibility must include you being active daily and weekly in:

 # 1 :  Conversations.

        Making new friends.

  • Getting new followers and connections.
  • Updates.
  • Videos.
  • Posts.
  • Tweets.
  • Comments on threads.
  • Joining groups.
  • Sharing your photographs with people.
  • Sharing your thoughts.

How simple.

But yet many do not remain consistent in their efforts. All of that would take maybe 15
to 20 minutes a day. If you invest 30 minutes a day in social media, you can find some golden possibilities for candidates.

WHERE are you planning on looking for possible prospects?

I would recommend 5 sites that have worked well for me, to start if you want to locate
candidates for your home business:





Fast Pitch Networking.

(And now maybe Pinterest- new kid on the block)

 NOTE: The number one corporate recruiter in the nation for a national recruiting firm  says, “And If I was working a home business I would work NICHE sites, including sites like This is a real estate social networking site that houses thousands of real estate agents open to alternative cash flow options. But I would work it gently and not aggressively. I would focus on the main social sites,  but still work niche sites.”

There are other social media sites out there, but these are the ones I personally have recruited the most from. And I just started with Google+ recently but the results have been very impressive so far.

These social sites I have mentioned seem to offer the best possible candidates for recruiting in home business network marketing mlm.

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blessings…..doug firebaugh

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Doug,

    Work a few networks persistently. Show up daily. Stand out from the crowd. Attract prospects with greater ease. You program people to respond to your persistent, value-packed message IF you show up daily. Power tips here.

    Never work social networks in fits and starts. Power players show up daily, so you should too. Be sociable. Share your content and your buddies’ stuff too. Give freely receive generously.

    Work 4 or 5 networks. FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus work well. Maintain a persistent presence on each site. Insulate yourself from any massive changes each network might undergo from time to time.

    Thanks Doug!



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