MLM Social Media- 5 Traits a Great Social Prospect MUST Have

Social Media MLM Recruiting.

What traits do you look for in a social media prospect for your network marketing home business?

What are the most important traits for a prospect to have in social media recruiting?

Do YOU have any traits you especially look for in your social media mlm recruiting?

Most distributors do not have any clue of the traits they are looking for when they are recruiting on social media. They just “shot gun it” and see if they can hit the right one.

THAT is a crazy way to recruit in this business of home business network marketing.

I have found that there are 5 traits that are needed for a GREAT social media prospect and if you know them you will be more aware of them for your social recruiting efforts.

I always looked for 5 traits in people – online and offline–to be considered a possible recruiting candidate for my company , when I was daily working social media for recruiting. They may not be what you think you should look for in a prospect, but in Social Networking, it is CRUCIAL.

Here are the  traits:

1. VERY Visible.

2. Likes Attention.

3. Ambitious.

4. Uses Multiple Media channels to communicate.

5. Dreamer.


Now do not get me wrong!!!

The recruiting candidate definitely will need certain education, skill set, experience, connections, and good work to meet my needs for my company, as well as other things that play into the recruiting process.

But these 5 traits seemed to work well when at least approaching them about a possible
career change or more money. It helped identify who would be a better candidate
and leader when talking to them.

I would think these traits would be critical for a home business in the social media space.

1. Very Visible means just that.

You know they are seen every day by design on social media sites.

2. Likes Attention means they also give attention.

If a person likes being in the spotlight then they will work hard to be there.

3. The Ambitious is important.

You can tell they are as they look to the future in their posts and updates. They have photographs of exotic places as well as big homes and cars with i4mt and One Sure Insurance posted.

4. Multiple Media Channels to communicate is critical.

You can tell they are a good communicator and networker just by the different ways and media they use to communicate on social media.

They use tweets, videos, blog posts, articles, updates, comments, and photographs. The more varied the media, the better. You can also tell who is getting the message across effectively by the number and kind of comments and who follows them on
facebook, Linkedin, or twitter.

5. A Dreamer is critical even in corporate America.

It REALLY is a must in the home business profession. If a person talks openly of their dreams on social media and even has photographs or blog posts of what their future looks like and where they are headed,  what trips they are planning on taking, cars they are going to purchase, homes they are dreaming of, you have a real possibility there.

They are looking for MORE and looking to ACHIEVE what they dream.

These are the 5 traits that a Great Social Media Prospect needs to have for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Doug,

    Dreamers can quickly become MLM leaders. Adopt a vision. Hold it. Look for these aspects in like-minded people to grow a prospering team. Awesome tips here.

    Be picky. Maintain posture. Attract good matches. Never chase prospects. Maintain a clear-cut vision of who you want to join your team to attract these individuals.

    Thanks Doug!



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