MLM Recruiting Failure: The 5 Biggest Reasons People Fail in Recruiting – Part 2

home based business recruiting

home business recruiting

3. “The Distributor not talking to the Right People”

Wasting massive amounts of time. That is what most distributors do when recruiting…and continue to do…they talk to the wrong people, and then bring in the wrong people…and then have a downline of mostly wrong people…

Who are the right people?

People who light up and catch Fire when you show them your home business, and then light other’s up when they talk…not someone who complains after only 2 days because the application is the wrong color…

Or the wrong size…or the upline is not doing enough to welcome them aboard…2 phone calls is not enough…you know the type…

There is what we call the “Recruiting IQ”…and that helps tell you if they are the right one..

.IQ stands for “Ignite Quickly”…and if they catch fire quickly…they have a great chance of being the “right one” to pursue…


To attract the Right One for your Home Business Success…you must BECOME the right one….you must become who you want to attract into this home business…through personal development and empowerment….

4. “The Distributor not Talking Right to people…

“This is a business of communication…and thus of verbiage and emotion as well….

The Wrong MLM Message.

A lot of distributors are simply saying the wrong things to the wrong people with a wrong message…You must talk to people with a YOU focus…

It is called the T.I.N.Y Focus…Their Interests Not Yours…And you focus whether online or offline, on what interests them and do it Professionally.

Nothing turns someone off worse than a self focused and self absorbed Direct Sales distributor who is only focused on recruiting a person for THEIR reasons…not the reason of the prospect… and the words they are using reveal a lot…Me…me…I….I…me…me…I… I….me…me….me…you.


You should say the word “You” at least 4 times more than the word “I” or “me”…in any Home Business presentation..

INFERNO Exercise: Here is an exercise…Try recruiting someone without using the word “I” or “me”….use we and us…and see how the prospect’s interests increases as you use YOU 4 times more than Us or We..

The Talking Too Much Factor in MLM Recruiting.

5. “Talking TOO Much to people You are talking to..

“Some folks have diarrhea of the mouth…and they talk…and talk…and they talk….and then talk…and talk….and talk……and by the time they finish…the prospects finished….

Don’t Dump on people! Create a RECRUITING ENVIRONMENT.

That creates the prospect to do most of the talking…Ask a lot of questions…Listen a lot of minutes…ask a lot of questions…


Most people LOVE to have an audience…but they hate to BE an audience…you BE an audience of one for massive listening to your prospect, and don’t create a “Sat Chat”….

What is that?

A Saturation chat….where they feel saturated with your words and info, and feel they have enough information to tell you…No.

The Power of Magnetic Questions in MLM and a Home Business.
IIf you are going to be a HOT MLM Recruiter…you must CONNECT with your folks…

And the best way to do that is to become an audience of one…

And ask a lot of “Magnetic Questions…

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