MLM Prospecting- How To Filter Out the Curious Prospect from the SERIOUS


mlm prospecting

MLM Prospecting Tips.

Do you struggle with your home business prospects because they really are not serious about your business?

Do you waste time chasing your mlm prospects?

What is THAT costing you in time and money as far as your network marketing business goes?

One of the most powerful strategies you can learn is how to filter out the “tire kickers” from the real serious mlm prospect. This one secret alone can accelerate your prospecting dramatically and effectively.

How does a “Curious Prospect” differ from a ‘Serious Prospect?”

2 ways:

1. A curious prospect simply is looking around and seeing what is “out there” and available with no clear focus or goal.

2. A curious prospect simply “looks”, and a serious prospect “engages.”

That is a HUGE difference!!!!

What would happen to your business if you ONLY talked to the SERIOUS and filtered out the curious?


A curious prospect can waste your time as well as emotions, and can keep you distracted from the real focus of this business:

The MLM Prospect who is ready NOW and willing to take action NOW.

Ok, how do you filter out the Curious from the Serious?

Here are 3 ways that I have found that really make a difference in how you can prospect and recruit for your home based business:

1. Give them HOMEWORK.

One of the most powerful ways to filter out the curious from the serious is to give them homework or something to DO. This alone will show you who is really serious. Many tire kickers will prove themselves as curious when they do NOT do what you have asked them to do.

Things like:

View a Video.

Listen to an mp3.

Watch a webinar.

These are great homework and you will find that the curious do NOT engage those things like the serious do.

2. Send them a survey from Poll Daddy or Survey Monkey.

I have found that surveys are a GREAT way to filter out the curious. This will not only show you who is serious, but also who is willing to do what is asked of them.

Leaders are who you are looking for and understand homework. They get it. So if someone does NOT fill out the online survey, odds are overwhelmingly, they are only curious and NOT serious.

3. Invite them to a “Recruiting Blitz Webinar.”

What is THAT?

It is a short 5 minute webinar you do to introduce the concept of your product or business to your prospect.

Use Any Meeting Software that is FREE to do these mini webinars.

If they show UP for the webinar…

They are probably serious.

if they do NOT…

They are NOT serious.

Now there is ONE exception.

LIFE happens.

They may have had an emergency and could not make it and that happens on occasion.

Invite them again and see what happens.

You MUST filter out the Curious from the Serious! These are 3 ways that you can filter out in your prospecting efforts for your network marketing home business.

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  1. Tim Johnson says:

    The Power in being able to sort out the Curious from the Serious, will save YOU untold amounts of Energy and Emotional Power. The curious, are just that, curious, and they will suck the life out of you like a vampire if you are not aware of how to filter them out.

    Remember, you are looking for who YOU are Looking for, who is READY NOW!
    Granted, curious can become serious, that is why you keep in touch, make them customers, and they have personal networks that they know someone serious. Ask for Introductions to those people.

    Focus, on the Focus. The serious.

  2. Agree Doug.The tire kickers waste so much of our precious time and energy just looking for attention. I would rather have no prospects than 10 attention grabbers…pretending to actually be in business accomplishes nothing.

  3. Andrew Magee says:


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