MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Recruiting- Are You a Sponsor or Recruiter?

MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Recruiting- Are You a Sponsor or Recruiter?


When was The Last Time you were an MLM Sponsor?

When was the last time you contacted members of your
downline? No, I’m not talking about the go-get-’em, born
with marketing-in-their-veins recruits.

I’m talking about the recruit without a clue. You know, the
one you called or emailed every other day trying to get
them to “upgrade their membership”.

Yeah, that one! The one that you convinced you’d show them
step-by-step how to succeed in Your program. You Do remember
saying that don’t you? Sure you do, I think the phrase goes
something like, “Failure is Not An Option” (I’ve used it
myself)! Have you recently spoken to that recruit?

When was The Last Time?

How long has it been since you sent your downline a
Personalized email and not an AUTORESPONSE letting them
know that you are available to answer thier questions?

Have you recently spoken with, emailed or Instant
Messengered the “green” newbie who isn’t even sure of what
to ask yet? Have you created a Network Marketing Model for him/her
to follow? I’m not talking about the make-a-list-of-all-your-friends model either. I’m talking about a step-by-step guide or Lesson Plan that
shows them Exactly how to Build Their Business.

When was the last time?

When did you last STOPPED and did a Self-Evaluation? If
you’re not as successful in your MLM Program as you would
like to be, it may be time to Evaluate Today. Let me give
you a few things to consider.


RECRUITER – An Individual who is effective at “signing
people up” and then moving o­n to “sign others up”. The
Recruiter’s focus is o­n finding Superstar Marketers”. So
they frantically sign hundreds of people up, then they sit
back and wait to see who their REAL Marketers are.

The Recruiter cares o­nly about the members who he perceives
will “rise to the top”, and lets everyone else fall to the
wayside. What Recruiters don’t realize is that Superstar
Marketers have to be “developed”. When given the proper
training and attention, almost ANYONE can be developed into
a successful marketer.

– An Individual who is willing to take a lump of
clay and mold it and shape it into a Beautiful Vase. The
sponsor believes in “marrying” the people he sponsors. He
Builds a “Relationship” with his downline and is with
them for the long haul.

A Good Sponsor is not o­n a quest to “find” Superstar
Marketers … He’s on a mission to “develop” Superstar
Sponsors. He wants to train YOU to be a Good Sponsor. He
diligently provides o­n-going, deliberate, in-depth Training,
constant encouragement and Superior Support. I define a
Good Marketer as a “Marketing Mentor”.

So now, the moment of Truth – Are YOU a Sponsor or a

Take a moment to evaluate your MLM Success. If your
downline is not active, I encourage you to take the focus
off of their lack of “get-up-and-go” and take a look at the
quality of your Sponsoring tactics.

Where do we go from here?

It is imperative that we TRAIN our downline members and stop
assuming that immediately upon receipt of their membership
payment, the MLM Fairy will magically come flying down from
Marketing Land and fill their brains with the Marketing
knowledge, skills and networking abilities that they need
to make it in this business!

They need to know what to do after they’ve signed up and
YOU are the one to show them. Face it, if your downline
doesn’t make money … neither do you.

Give them SPECIFIC instructions and ask them questions to
determine whether or not they followed through!

If you tell them to go to their back office and read the
company “Mission Statement”, ask them 2-3 questions about
the reading to ensure that they’ve read it! There is
nothing worse than trying to Build a Business that you know
nothing about, yet we do it all the time!

Help your downline get thoroughly familiar with their
business/products/services so that they can determine which
key features will draw someone else! Develop a System for
them that provides:

– Professional Training/Support.
– Organization Skills (They will achieve far
more in less time).
– Professional Sales and Marketing Assistance
so that they learn to be
“networkers” as opposed to “salesmen”.
(Most of us don’t like the difficult and
unpleasant aspects of selling.)
– A chance to “feel” that they are part of a
TEAM that desires to see them succeed and
will not o­nly help them get their business
started, but will continually help them to
“build” it bigger and bigger.


Show them how much they will be required to spend each
month! So many marketers are hesitant to lay out all of
the details for fear that they won’t get the “sign up”. But
what difference does it make if they are going to drop out
once they find out the REAL DEAL?

Tell your recruit Everything up front. You’ll build
credibility and they are likely to hang in there with you
based o­n your Honesty and Integrity alone.

They’ll be confident that you won’t try to mislead them or
steer them wrong. Let your recruits know:

– Program committment fees.
– Telephone charges.
– Monthly Internet Fees
– Business Cards, etc …

And Please, Please, Please say the words “I Don’t Know” when
you … “don’t know”! Be willing to find answers for your
downline instead of making up something that “sounds good”
but never really answers their question(s)!

If you can’t find the answer right away, tell your members!
Let them know that you need another 24 – 72 hours so that
they won’t be emailing you every hour o­n the hour losing
trust and confidence in you with each passing second that
you don’t respond.

MLM Honesty.

Be honest and upfront with them so that you build their
trust. Most recruits already believe that MLM programs are
scams. They join in hopes of finding o­nE Program that truly
delivers what is offered in the Program’s Website
Description. It’s up to YOU to deliver!

Let your recruits know that a business must be BUILT and
that Realistically it will take 6 – 12 months before they
really see the fruits of their labor. Granted, it could
take less, but we don’t want to build their hopes of getting
rich quickly because if we do, then we lose them if they
haven’t made 10,000 within the first 30 days!

In closing, I’d like to quote 20-year MLM veteran, Paul

“The secret to MLM success is found in this – The recruiter
is not building a multi-level organization, it is all o­ne
level (and most of them will quit).

The sponsor is building a duplicatable system that can run
downline through his organization. This builds a powerful
downline. He is not building a downline of distributors, but
a downline of SPONSORS.

What is the difference between a recruiter and a sponsor?
It’s the difference between “hype” and “help”. The sponsor’s
job begins when you enroll, the recruiter’s job ends when
you enroll. The recruiter’s goal is to sign up people. The
goal of the sponsor is to build leaders.

Before asking yourself which you want to be, ask yourself
which do You want Your upline to be? Remember, you are the
upline to other people.

Here are the keys to success in MLM:

1) Be a sponsor.

2) Keep being a sponsor!”

Submitted by:
Michele Royster

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doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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