MLM Holiday Recruiting- 5 Secrets of S.A.N.T.A. Recruiting?

mlm holiday recruiting

mlm holiday recruiting santa training


S.A.N.T.A. MLM Recruiting

 Does Santa have special mlm recruiting secrets that he can give away this time of the year?

 Well…apparently so.

 When I was talking with him recently on my special North Pole QR Code Mobile Ho Ho ho Phone, he told me some things that I felt that I needed to share!

 Now…lets be real.

Santa is NOT in any kind of network marketing company as far as I can tell, but I believe that he can teach us a few things about networking since he does it worldwide once a year!

 So…what 5 MLM Recruiting secrets does Santa have to put in your home business stocking this year?

 Here are 5 mlm recruiting secrets straight for  the North Pole and able to help you recruit and sponsor in 2012!

 Ho Ho Ho!

We are going to use the word SANTA as an acronym- as he did- ahem- and see what they are!

 1. S stands for SOLUTION.

 Santa recommends that you are focused on finding a problem that the prospect has, or someone they know has pertaining to your products, and then providing a SOLUTION to it.

 You are in the business of SOLVING PROBLEMS for people, and that is what you must focus on. The bigger the problem, the more valuable the solution.

 Your products have benefits. The opposite of the benefits are the PROBLEMS people have.

 Point them out and then ask them if they would like a solution to that issue.

 Santa does that ever year with special toys for boys and girls that help them have a great Christmas!

 2. A stands for ASK.

 During the holidays always ASK for a “Private Conversation” – you need a person’s help.

 “Hey- after the first of the year I would like to talk with you for a minute private. I need your help on something. May I give you a call?”

 Even Santa asks the children what they want for Christmas!

 Ok…ask people what they want to see in the year 2012 IMPROVE and then show them how you can help them do that!

 3. N stands for NEVER.

 NEVER pressure. Ever. During the holidays, you want to people to ENJOY talking with you, not trying to avoid you.

 Never ask more than once during the holidays. If they do not want to chat about it then, great.

 Never ask in front of people. Make it a personal and private conversation.

 Never ask to focus on what YOUR gain is-always the prospect’s.

 Santa NEVER pressures you.

NOTE: If you do not want to tell him what you want for Christmas, then he will simply go to the next child.


 4. T stands for TALK.

 Talk about the person or prospect during the holidays.

 Talk about their family.

 Talk about their job.

 Talk about their facebook experiences.

 Talk about their 2011 year.

 Talk about their hopes for 2012.

 TALK about them- not you.

 Think TINY = Their Interest Not Yours.

 Santa never tells you what he wants for Christmas!

 5. A stands for A free gift.

 Always give them some kind of a free gift- online or offline. It could be a free ebook, video, PDF, webinar, or offline it could be a free report printed out, a free CD on Success or leadership, a free coupon, or some other free gift.

 This is what Santa does.

 Freely GIVE and give often during the holiday season.

 GIVE = Gain Influence Very Easily!

 These are the 5 SANTA MLM Recruiting Secrets during the holidays for you and your home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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  1. This is great. I love the SANTA acronym. I already use some of this but I certainly need to be better at it.

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