Home Business- What is the MATTER in YOUR Thinking? Or Does It Matter?


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In a home business, many things matter. And some matter a LOT.

Actions matters.

Belief matters.

Results matter.

Focus matters.

The Right Strategy matters.

Many things matter. But there are a couple of things that matter more than most in a network marketing business.

Here is a quote I tweeted out a while back:

“Success is not a matter of just what you THINK- but the MATTER in your Thinking as well. What matter does your Thinking consist of?”

It does not matter.


YES – it does MATTER- in your Thinking.

Instead of Thinking “I cannot do this,” how about “I am getting incredible at this daily.”

Instead of Thinking “All I ever get is NO,” how about “I am getting a LOT of yeses and moving my business forward.”

Instead of Thinking, “This business is soooo hard,”  how about “This is the easiest thing I have ever done. All I have to do is talk to and connect with people.”

It DOES matter what matters is in your Thinking.

Make it Powerful and Positive. Make it Moving and Memorable. Make it Focused and a Force for Success in your life and home business mlm.

I watn you to get this next TRUTH that is for your home based business success:

“Your Thinking will lead you to WHAT IS FOUND WITHIN IT!”

Make your mlm home business a PASSION for helping and blessing people. If you do, you will find Success you never dreamed of.

Audit your thinking.

Force yourself to THINK POWERFUL. 

The MATTER in your thinking DOES MATTER.

If you ever expect to create wealth in your network marketing home business.

Create a Never Ending Flood of Free leads- with these ideas!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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