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home business twitter bird

home business twitter bird

In Home business and MLM network marketing world, Microblogging showed up on the horizon about 5 years ago, and the world has never been the same since.

It has gone through some changes and modifications, but it is still a powerful arena to message about your business and home based business products.

Of course, there are other ways as well, but microblogging still is a powerhouse in network marketing.

What is microblogging?

Think of blogging with only 140 characters. Yep, you read that right-about 3 sentences. That is BOTTOM LINE blogging.

Yes, there is plurk,tumblr, jaiku, and many other microblogging services, but in the microblogging world, twitter rules.

And there are 5 Power Tips that will help you rule on twitter. Home business people should want to build a large following on twitter.

 It takes some effort on your part, but if you engage these tips, you will find the numbers of followers you have will increase dramatically.

Ok- what are the 5 Power Tips?

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1) Become known as the “go to person” for your message and business.

You do this by broadcasting out little know information about what you do and your specialty in your home business. Scour the search engines and blog engines for articles and posts that will help people to know more about your business and products and what they are made of. And make sure that you send out mp3s and video urls as well. Become known for little known secrets and information that others are seeking.

Read that again: OTHERS ARE SEEKING!

Provide information of VALUE and Solution focused.

2) Create extraordinary content and give it to your tweeples-people that follow you on twitter.

Write something extraordinary for your home buisiness niche. Something that will define you as a player in your home based business niche. Whether it is skin care, travel, weight loss, or vitamins. Then tweet it out and watch if get virally marketed-without your effort. Extraordinary content WILL get forwarded. All you have to do is come up with it and then tweet about it to share with others. Give how to’s and solutions to issues that people are suffering with that your buisiness can help address.

3) Do an interview with an expert and then put it up on your blog, and let people know that it is there through twitter, and it’s extraordinary.

This will let people know that you are making an effort to bring the best of the best to the arena, and they will forward the interview. This could be an upline or one of the executives of your company, or one of the top earners. And you can put the url up on your profile as well if you desire. Get it out on facebook and orkut,  or even the new Google+ social media site, or any other populated social networking sites. Let the interview be a HOT topic on the twitter search engine. Get it up on friendfeed. And get creative about where else you can put it and tweet about.

4) Send a series of tweets out- a “5 part series on the secrets to <solving a problem> that your products or business will do.”

 Or whatever the title would be. Then put part one url in a tweet and send it out. The url contains the post of the first secret. Then do the second one and tweet it out. You should wait till the next day to send the second one out. But send the first part of the series and few times the first day to make sure people do not miss it. After 5 days of sending out the series- send out one last with a url to all 5 listed on a blog post. You can get a LOT of exposure with series oriented power tweets.


5) Ask Questions that will comple people to answer. Make them about the benefits of your products.

The message should be:

“Have you ever had this happen?” “Have you ever suffered from this?” “Do you know anyone that needs some help with their____________?” “What are your thoughts about people struggling with______?” “Have you ever thought about_______?”

These are the types of questions that will PULL the eyes of the readers toward it. CREATE some IMPACT and IMPRESSIONS with your tweets, not just words.

These are 5 Simple Power Tips for twitter and how you can maximize your twitter marketing and social media marketing for your home business and mlm.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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