Conclusion of Financial Freedom | Financial Freedom of America — Conclusion of Financial Freedom Financial freedom is part of the American dream. People start businesses and save money to build financial stability. Beyond stability, the concept of financial freedom ranges between comfortable living standards to independent wealth. 1. Identification – Financial freedom is identified with large amounts of personal assets relative to debt. At that point, assets may be sold at any time to pay off liabilities. 2. Features -Financial freedom separates the “need” to work from “wanting” to work. You may continue to be employed or work your business, but these duties are not necessary to meet expenses. 3.Considerations – Proper insurance coverage also comes into play with financial freedom. Insurance is required to guard against natural disaster, alongside untimely deaths and illness that destroy assets and earnings power. 4.Misconceptions – Financial freedom means different things to different people. Educators who have built large savings may be more content than multi-millionaire celebrities who finance extravagant lifestyles. 5.Risks – Financial freedom is dynamic and may be lost due to lawsuits or economic collapse. To learn more about Best Financial Freedom, please visit:

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Doug Firebaugh is the CEO of PassionFire International, a success and leadership development company for the Home Business industry. Doug is one of the most sought after speakers / trainers / authors and consultants in the Home Business / MLM profession. With over 25 years of Success and experience, plus a Billion Dollar Success story, his trainings and coaching have helped CEOs and Presidents of Home Business corporations to experience unprecedented growth. He has coached numerous organizations and downlines worldwide beyond their barriers and limitations, to a level of success they only once dreamed of. What can Doug Firebaugh DO FOR YOU?

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