MLM Training- One of the Most Powerful Ways to Do a Three Way Call

mlm 3 ways

mlm 3 ways

MLM Recruiting 3 way calls.

Have you ever done a three way call and sweated through it-all for your mlm home business?

Do you DO 3 way calls as a tool to build your network marketing business?

Would you like to discover an amazing way to do three way calls in MLM?

I was on the LIVE call I do every Monday night- and tonight was the call.

 (712.338.8000  passcode 9081#)  10 pm EST.

I had 2 SUPERSTARS on:

1. Tom Chenault.  (

2. Kaye Flack. (From Adelaide Australia —

And both hit it OUT OF THE PARK! It was amazing learning from them and learn we all did. And it was a lot of fun, as we moved into different segments of the call.

But then…

The “TOM BOMB” Exploded!

Ok…what is THAT?

Tom Chenault unleashed a tip that shook the rafters of the call and the foundation of everyone on it.

He told how he did three ways and WOW!  it blew the top off the roof and Kaye followed right behind with another tip that SCORCHED the earth!

The Tom Bomb was ticking and then……KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Here is how he does three ways:

He is in conversation and he asks several questions to FIND THE PAIN. He keeps it totally casual.

“How is your health?”

“Would you like to have more energy?”

“Would you like to see more income coming in to your household?”

“Are you doing ok as far as paying your bills etc?”

These are the questions that he casually asks and then drops them. he goes on to something else, and does not bring them back up.

Then he calls them back the next day…

“You know Mary, I have been thinking about you and what you said yesterday. You said you needed some more in come. Would you be willing to talk to someone that I know that has helped a lot of people and may be able to help you? Would not take more than 5 minutes. Let me see if they are available.”

That’s it.




Slam Dunk.

And with this strategy, you have someone that can help you build your business with you, and help get the person into your recruiting funnel and sponsor them. It is a duplicable tactic, and works very well.

I would suggest that you take a other look at what Tom suggests, and USE it.

Practice it first, and role play. Then role play some more. As this will help you accelerate your readiness, confidence, skill set, and your success in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- The 7 Most DEADLY Mistakes Made in Phone Prospecting

mlm telephone home business

mlm telephone prospecting

MLM Phone Prospecting Mistakes.

How much do you use the telephone in your home based business?

Do you often feel after the call you did something wrong in your phone conversation for your network marketing business?

How would you like to find out some common but DEADLY mistakes made in mlm telephone prospecting?

Phone prospecting is part ART and part Science. it really is something that must be “PDRed”




Telephone MLM Prospecting MUST be practiced on a daily basis and mastered in this profession. Home business success is about having a “TEA Party.”

Taking Effective Action.

And that includes the telephone whether the mlm prospect came from an online lead generation campaign or an offline conversation. Many telephone conversations we hold do NOTHING to move the home business forward, as they contain mistakes and often goof ups that should not have happened.

NOTE:  Success in Network Marketing Telephone Prospecting is based on IMPACT- NOT information.

And that is why that home business owners often crash and burn on the telephone…they are more interested in INFORMING the prospect, versus IMPACTING the prospect.

Are YOU making that  mistake?

Conversation is the Nuclear Core of a telephone prospecting effort. But often we move from conversation to SELLING without even realizing it.

Do YOU do that?

I teach this stuff, and often see myself moving into a more aggressive mode and have to back off to not scare off the training or coaching prospect.

What ARE the 5 Most Deadly Mistakes made in MLM Telephone prospecting?

The 5 Deadliest Mistakes made in MLM Recruiting Telephone Calls:

1) Staying on the telephone too long.

This is a HUGE One. Staying on too long of a time is too little respect for your time. And it also makes the prospect ask themselves, “Do I have TIME to do this? This is taking a long time…”

I have always taught that you tell the prospect you have only a COUPLE of minutes, and then you have to go. And if it takes longer, ASK them for more time. “It looks like I need a couple of more minutes. Would that be ok, and then we can finish this call.”

FIVE minutes max is what my phone calls were. If you cannot get the, to at  least look or listen by then, you are doing something wrong or they are not for this business.

2) Focusing on a presentation, not a conversation.

Rule of IAAC = It’s ALL About Conversation.

Conversation RULES as you know in  network marketing mlm. Do NOT PITCH. Hold a conversation with them, find out what they are looking for, and then help them find it with your business.

3) Focusing too much on what you want and not what THEY want.

Think TINY= Their Interests Not yours.

Micro works better in this business then “selfcro” as I call it. Focus on what THEY want to talk about and where they want their life to go. Focus on what they can GET, not you.

4) Talking way too much.

Let the prospect talk, and you listen. Ask questions, and lots of them.

ASK = Assuring Success Knowledge.

That is SO TRUE. Ask the prospect questions. How many? I have taught for years in any telephone conversation, AT LEAST 5 questions per conversation. FIND OUT what they are looking to PULL IN their life. Then help them PULL baby!

5) Letting the prospect control the conversation.

Always use questions to maintain control –keep focused. If you lose contriol of the conversation, you have lost control of your business with them.

If they try and wrestle the conversation away from you- TAKE BACK IMMEDIATELY Control of the conversation.


ASK a question and then ask another one.

6) Pressuring the prospect.

LET THE PRESSURE OFF! It will kill your business in network marketing. Pressure tells the prospect you are DESPERATE.

You are NOT.

Tell them you only want the best for them, and nothing else.

7) Focusing on results, not making it The Greatest Call you have ever done!

Results are critical no doubt. But if you focus on the CALL and making it the GREATEST call you have ever done, then the results will be there.

Results RULE, but a GREAT CALL gives you the Results you are seeking.

These are 7 Deadly Mistakes made in mlm network marketing telephone prospect for home business.

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FREE mp3 download- the 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell you.

blessings….doug firebaugh

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