Home Business- Are You Talking OPTIONS When Recruiting in MLM?

home business options

home business options

Home Business

Success Wisdom:

“Options in life are the Magnet to a home business.
Most people lack options for anything else except

what they are doing. Having a powerful OPTION
for more income alone can make you MAGNETIC.”

Doug Firebaugh
Talk OPTIONS with your home business.

Income options.

House options.

Car options.

Vacation options.

Career options.

Dream options.

Success options.

Revenue options.

Destiny options.

Life options.

Options are part of the GOLD of a powerful network marketing home business.

Simply ask what their options are if their income should stop or if they even have any.

“Just curious…what options have you planned for you and your family if your income should suddenly go away tomorrow?”

A “Security Option” for an income – is a powerful option to have and to bring up.

“Have you ever considered a Security Option your your Income?”

You can provide that security option with your mlm home business.



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