MLM Training- Think Email Marketing is Dead? THINK AGAIN-Part One

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MLM Email Marketing.

Do you use email for your home based business?

Are you familiar with how email works in a network marketing business?

How often do YOU use email in your business?

There is a myth:  EMAIL is DEAD!

Nope. Not even close. I decided that I wanted to do a series on email. I started researching this and found out some amazing things! Yes, social media is still a juggernaut and mobile recruiting amd marketing is the new darling of the marketing world!

But EMAIL still ROCKS as far as the home  business profession! And here is a great article I found that really gets to the nuts and bolts of what is going on with email!

I found this on Social Web Tools Daily.


MLM Email Marketing.

Many businesses have jumped on the social media train, and it’s a good place to be. However, it’s also important not to forget about other forms of online marketing, especially email. Email marketing can provide a business with huge benefits in ways that social media marketing cannot.

Here are three reasons why email marketing still gives businesses more of an advantage than social media.

It’s a Larger and More Varied Customer Base

The numbers of people using sites like Facebook and Twitter seem amazing and hard to beat, but the truth is more people are still using email. This makes sense – you need an email to access a social media site. Then, there are all of those people who don’t use social media, but still have an email whether for work or personal purposes. Email gives you a wider audience and a more varied audience. There are fewer older people using social media, whereas email tends to be the main mode of communication for many

Email Is More Likely to Catch Someone’s Attention

A fast-paced world is a hard world to market to. You can update Twitter and Facebook all you want, but chances are, people are going to miss some of your updates simply due to the sheer number of posts and updates they are bombarded with on every social media site. Email is a great way to catch people’s attention, and keep it. A post on Facebook can be ignored or never seen, but an email must be opened, and once it’s opened, it’s usually read. Of course, there’s a possibility somebody could delete an email, but if you keep your subject lines and content engaging and interesting, people are likely to at least give it a look.

Email Requires Less Time and Focus

You need to spend time on the content you’re sending out, but that’s not as hard as consistently updating all of your social media platforms. With social media, you’re expected to constantly be available and engaged. With email, as long as you’re producing great content, you don’t have to send out updates every day. An email once a week or bi-monthly should suffice. Email marketing is often looked upon as outdated, but when it comes to marketing there’s no better option. From providing businesses with a larger audience to giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business, email marketing is the best way to market your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- 8 Powerful Ways to Maximize Your Visibility with EMAIL

email mlm

mlm email network marketing

MLM Email Marketing.

Do you use email for your network marketing mlm business?

How do you use it for your home business?

How would you like to learn 8 secrets to Maximizing  Your Visibility in your Email Recruiting efforts for your mlm business?

Some folks say that email is DEAD.

They say that SMS is taking over.

Some folks say that email is OVER.

Mobile Marketing is taking over.

Some folks say that email is HISTORY. 

They say Social Media is taking over.

All I can say is B.S!  (That stands for Belief Systems.)  Email is still a viable force in the home business arena, and YES Mobile is making great gains and transforming marketing- but email is still powerful to use.

You can maximize your email Visibility easily, and you do this through available tools and software.

NOTE:  Email is ONLY one of the tools that are used today. Social Media, Mobile media, and also online software are powerful tool to use as well. I think that email is something you can integrate with your other tools and maximize your visibility with it.

And one other thing: Email is NOT as powerful as it once was as only 27% of emails are opened compared to 97% of all texts. Biut email marketing is still a great force in recruiting and prospecting in your home based business and I use it, but I use SMS more.

How can you maximize your visibility through email?

1. Leverage an email newsletter to nurture audience, client and partner relationships.

2. If you don’t already have an email service provider, sign up for a service that meets your needs. My favorite is but I know it is more than some businesses need.  Other popular services include MailChimp , Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor.

3. Add opt-ins boxes via embed code on every social network platform that supports such.

4. Create several whitepapers that provide value to your audience and leverage as a call to action to inspire people to subscribe to your newsletter.

5. Add the opt-in box to your Facebook tab. Require a “like” before they can see the opt-in box and be enabled to download the whitepaper or other call to action. There is software that you can use for your facebook fanpage that forces “likes.”

6. Add the urls and mentions for your top social media profiles to the bottom of your email newsletter.

7. Analyze, measure & refine your usage of email based upon key trends found within the data. What links are your subscribers clicking? What subject line inspires the most opens? What are the click thru rates?

8. Do a SERIES of email trainings that people can subscribe to that will be sent to them via AUTORESPONDER, and they will love you for it. People LOVE series of VALUABLE trainings in their email box, as well as in their mobile screen as well.

These are 8 powerful secrets on how to Maximize your Visibility using email for your mlm network marketing home business.

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