MLM Home Business Training- One Incredibly Powerful “Closing” Question

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MLM Closing Secret.

How would you like to explode your mlm recruiting ratio when closing?

Would knowing a question that has proven to be a powerful network marketing recruiting tool help you?

Would you like to explode your ability to get people to enroll with you?

There are many ways to ask people to sign up or join you in your mlm business.

There are many different tactics that we have on this website that can help you get a prospect to take action in joining you in your home based business. But many trainers teach different things on how to “close” someone and I agree with most.

But I prefer not to use the word “close” as it really is not what you are doing. I prefer the word “helping” as that is what you are actually doing.

You are HELPING them make the decision that is best for them and right for them.

Let me ask you a question:

If a prospect is NOT really right for your business- do you really want them IN your business?

Here is another question:

If your business is not BEST for the prospect and her family, do you want them to waste their time in your network marketing business?

That is something that Leaders understand. Yes, get them as a customer and get as many referrals as you can. But don’t recruit someone just for a paycheck. That is NOT how you work this business. Drive your business with them through USAGE and CONSUMPTION of products. They may later prove to be a person that can work this business. But start them off slow.

Leaders prefer to look at the process of “closing” as a way of HELPING- TRULY helping the prospect to move their life in a direction that is right for them and YOU.

Many network marketers are more interested in getting VOLUME from a prospect then giving VALUE to the mlm prospect. Many home business owners are focused solely on what THEY can gain from the mlm prospect, not what the prospect can gain.

You KNOW I am telling the truth about this and that is why that so many people do not succeed in our profession. They try to close the prospect for their gain- not the prospect’s gain.

What would happen if you could ask a question and brand yourself as  a powerful Leader and also make the prospect feel really good about who they are? Would that maybe help in also getting some powerful referrals?

That is the reason for the post.

I was talking with someone today and  they were talking about all the people they had closed, and how much money they were going to earn. I asked this person what their plans were to help their prospect earn money.

His answer?

“They can do what I do. Recruit people, set the example, and move on to the next one.”

My prediction?

This “pro” will not be in our profession more than 18 months. If that. And I am rarely wrong in defining that, as after 25 years you learn a few things about what to look for in people that are NOT doing this business correctly.

Ok…then HOW should you close someone that will accomplish what I am talking about?

Learn this and make it natural to say as breathing:

“I have one goal. I want to locate a couple of good leaders. Your leadership is powerful and potentially could be worth a small fortune with this company. I have one question. What kind of a powerful leadership team do you feel that we would make if we worked some together? <Listen to their answer> Let’s make that happen then…”



Leadership soaked.

Use this “close” or what I call “helping question” to close any and all your mlm home business prospects.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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