MLM Training- Why Most People Will Never Close 80% of their Prospects

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MLM Closing Your Prospects.

Are you closing 80% of YOUR mlm prospects?

Are you closing even HALF of your home business prospects?

Would you like to know WHY you are NOT closing more prospects then you are in your network marketing business?

There are many reasons why.

Most people in a home business do NOT realize that CLOSING of your prospect is WHERE YOU GET PAID.

Yes, prospecting is critical.

Yes, approaching people is a MUST.

And presenting or educating is a must as well.


If you are NOT closing your prospects after all the effort to get them to the close, you are wasting your time and wasting your efforts.

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What are the issues with Closing that most people are facing and costing them a TON of  business?

We have done a lot of research over the years and it does not matter whether it is online, offline, social media, mobile recruiting….does not matter. We have found there are many reasons why people are NOT closing 80% of their prospects.

You mean that you CAN close 80% of your prospects?

Yes. I did that for a season in my business. I closed 26 prospects IN A ROW in one month. And there were times that it actually was a little higher.

Why do not most people do that?

It is possible, but most do not see it possible.

We have found there are three main reasons why people do  not close 80% of their prospects and it really does not have to be that way.

What are those reasons?

1. Lack of Agreement.

You MUST get your prospect into agreement with you if you are going to close them. You use “Agreement Questions” as you will learn on the Close Your Prospects Mastery  webinar.

What are Agreement Questions?

“Is that True?”

“Would you Agree?”

“Does this make sense to you?”

Get the prospect to AGREE with you, and they become easier to close.

2. Lack of Transfer of Belief.

All closing is, is a  transfer of belief in the product or business. Most distributors do not focus  on transferring their belief, but creating a transaction. That is going to make closing that much more difficult.

You must use “Belief Statements” to close a prospect.

“I truly believe…”

“Do you believe….?”

“I have never been so sure….”

3. Lack of Connection.

Many distributors never take the time to CONNECT the prospect EMOTIONALLY to the business or product. Many are too busy trying to get the prospect to DO SOMETHING versus FEEL Something.

Are you doing that?

Connection is simply getting the prospect to RELATE to what you are saying.

“Can you relate to that story?”

“Can you relate to this problem most people have?”

Are YOU closing 80% of your prospects?

If you are not then I would suggest attending the Close Your prospects webinar for your mlm network marketing home business to help you become a Closing Master!

Free Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruitin g Power- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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