MLM Training- A Checklist of Network Marketing Tools For Success


Do you use business building tools with your home business?

Are you familiar with certain mlm business tools that will help you build a team?

Are the network marketing tools that you SHOULD BE using and are not?

Tools are a part of the culture of our profession. Here are the tools that I believe will help you build your business.

 As a professional, you are going to utilizing tools that will help you build your business. You need to make sure that you understand what they are, and that you have them on hand to

Here is a list that you will need in your NETWORK MARKETING Success Tool

 1. Product Catalogue.

If you are a direct seller, or your company provides this, make sure that you have this catalogue available to show the reality of how many products you offer.  More products are on the way and your company should have something to show the product line.

 2. Business cards.

Make sure that you have business cards to give prospects. Go to Vista Print for cards.

3. Daily Planner.

Get yourself a monthly planner-online or offline– and use it. Keep track of your appointments and commitments.

4. Presentation Brochure.

Make sure that you have the Presentation brochure, and learn how it works. You can do a
complete presentation anywhere in five minutes.

5. Voice Mail.

Make sure that you have a VM set up on your phone and a professional message that people hear when they call you.

6. Computer.

Since we are an online driven business, you will need a computer that you can use to send email, do back office business, and many other things.

 7. Audio CDs-The Decision

This is a great recruiting CD that you initially hand out to a prospect to show the possibilities with our company.

 8. DVD or Video for Recruiting.

Many people will want to see rather than hear the presentation. A DVD does exactly that as well as the corporate video that you have to use from your company.

 9. Home presentations.

This is a tool that you will use to expose the business to your friends as well as do trainings for your team. These are getting back in vogue today and more and more popular. Even with Social media meetups and mash ups.

 10. Webcasts.

This online tool is used to recruit your prospects with an online presentation. It is part of the four step recruiting process. It is also a tool used for PassionFire’s Live Webinar Events on Monday nights at 10 pm EST.

 11. Compensation Plan CD.

This will simply walk you through an explanation about the compensation plan and how to
present it.

12. Business Meetings and Events.

These are live events that you can have for recruiting or a presentation. It can be a
dinner, luncheon, or even a “coffee meeting.”

13. Conference Calls. 

These are calls that are done on a conference line where numerous people can call in on the same line and participate in the call.

 14. In Home Presentation CD / DVD. 

This is a training on how to do a presentation in home, from start to finish.

Every Success in Network Marketing has been a result of using tools. Network Marketing is no exception. Use the tools daily, and know that they are a part of the volume in your
downline for success in your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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