MLM Training- 6 of the Most Powerful Body Language Recruiting Signals

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MLM Body Language Secrets.

Do you understand that you send signals every time you recruit for your home based business?

Are you aware that your body language ia part of what the mlm prospect responds to-whether body or vocal tones?

Do you pay attention to what body language the network marketing prospect is showing or telling?

In MLM recruiting, body language is critical. Even if you are on skype or a Google hangout. You need to understand there are 2 types of body language in network marketing recruiting:

1. YOUR body language.

2. The prospect’s body language.

Many folks do not pay attention to the body language of their prospect.

That is a HUGE mistake. Even if you are on the phone, there is what is called “Vocal language.” as well. This is where the intonations of their words tell a story that their words are not saying.

There are 6 powerful body language signals that you need to pay attention to when you are recruiting. These signals can be helpful in understanding where the prospect is and is NOT. These signals also tell you what you need to do to “adjust” to the prospect’s attention level or lack of it.

I can tell you this…that many times body language was the only reason why i recruited some folks that I did. I was reading where they were and knew that i had to change their perspective and get them moving towards me.

If a prospect is not “moving towards you” in our conversation, you must change that. There is nothing that is more critical then the prospect psychologically moving in your direction when you are recruiting in network marketing.

Below is a list of some body behavior and the message the prospect can communicate:

1) Slumped posture = low spirits

If the prospect is slumped, you need to “de-slump” them by offering hope and a new direction for their future.

2) Erect posture = high spirits, energy and confidence

If the prospect is erect in their posture, talk about how they can fit in with your team and also their talents as you see them.

3) Lean forward = open and interested

Leaning forward towards you is what you want. The prospect is then moving towards you psychologically and that is perfect.

4) Lean away = defensive or disinterested

If the mlm prospect is leaning away, get them to lean towards you. How? Give them something or compliment them. These are powerful posture changers.

5) Crossed arms = defensive

If their arms are crossed, give them something to look at.

6) Uncrossed arms = willingness to listen

If their arms are uncrossed, then you lean towards them and give them something to look at, read, or view.

These are 6 Critical body language signals for recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

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