MLM Training- 4 Powerful Closing Questions that Always Work

mlm closing the home business

mlm closing for home business


Are you looking to increase your mlm recruiting ratio in your mlm home business?

How would you like to explode your sign ups with just a simple addition?

There are 3 powerful network marketing “closing questions” that have always worked.

It does not matter if you are online recruiting, offline, or in social media. The power of these three powerful but simple questions work no matter what you are working.

We have been teaching these mlm closing questions for quite some time. For your home based business, they can accelerate your Success quickly. They are not high pressure as many closing questions are, but very targeted to move the prospect emotionally.

Emotions move the world.

In mlm recruiting, it is no different. We are an emotional creature. And that is why that many folks who try to “close” without using some form of emotion often find that they get a lot of negative responses. That happens more often than not. But with what we have been teaching, it has been amazing how powerful these three questions work.

There is an emotion that truly is a pillar in the marketing world.

It is called FEAR OF LOSS.

it is a powerful motivator, as well as strategy to move people towards something. I am sure that you have felt that before. You have a certain number of hours before a sale goes off, and you hurry to get to the store or online website.

It does work and works everyday. I have seen a lot of powerful “fear of loss” sales this past year, and it does drive people to to place of business. Recently Jodi went through that with a software she was purchasing. It kept going up every minute.

Great strategy.

What are the 4 MLM closing questions that work and will move your home business forward quickly?

1. “What if I am right?”

2. “What if this works?”

3. “What if you MISS IT?”

4. “What could THAT COST YOU?”

Read those again.

Can you see the fear of loss that builds when you say those?

It really does make the prospect stop and think. It also creates an attitude that you are going to the top no matter what.

If you are marketing online, or in social media, these three questions can really be a MAGNET to your business as they make the prospect WONDER and IMAGINE about their future and what this COULD possibly cost them if they do not enroll with your network marketing company.

I would suggest that you practice these and get them to where they are almost an after thought:

“And you know, I have always asked myself these three questions when I am making a decision.”


“This just occurred to me and I want to ask you something…”


“I have been thinking about our discussions. Here are my thoughts….”

These are powerful network marketing closing questions. master them and watch the recruiting success skyrocket for your mlm home based business.

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