MLM Training- 3 Cold Hard Realities About Prospects You Know

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MLM Realites of Prospects You Know.

Have you ever gotten a negative response from a person you know about your network marketing home business?

How do you respond to your friends that come against your home based business?

What did you do to move your mlm business forward?

There are certain cold hard realties of this home based business profession, and if you understand a few things about the people you know, your life will go a whole lot easier and you will smile more.

Understand the Realities of Getting Started in this Business:

When they first got started, all successful Resellers/Distributors have experienced the same emotions that you are experiencing or will experience- positve or negative.

There are three Realities that you MUST know about starting this business and people you know:

 1) You will find that some people aren’t immediately interested in your NETWORK MARKETING when you first tell them about it, and that’s okay because they will most likely still be interested in your Membership and products, and they’ll probably purchase them from you.

Why aren’t they interested?

Many people are too focused on living their lives the way they currently are, and aren’t open to living a more exciting, growth-oriented, income-expanding life. Many are living paycheck to paycheck, and simply do not believe there is any other way to live.

2) Not everyone is going to be as positive as you are, and some of the people you approach might even be a little negative.

 NOTE: Don’t Take It Personally.

You will run into people that are negative, and some can be VERY negative as that is just who they are and what they do.

That is just the way it is.

In this  great profession they are called “Dream Stealers,” and many times they are the people closest to you – Spouse, relatives, and friends.


Understand that they have not seen what you’ve seen, and don’t know what you know yet, so you shouldn’t necessarily expect them to believe and embrace what you have. Accept that some folks will be negative no matter what you are doing, and if they are not open to the Products, then ask for referrals and move on.

 3) It is an effective numbers game, and if you understand that, you can win BIG in NETWORK MARKETING!

You must talk to people about your NETWORK MARKETING business. Some people will talk to a few, and then their businesses start rolling! Others will have to talk to many more, but still win BIG ultimately!

There is no accepted average of the number of people you need to talk to. It is different for everybody. You are just looking for good customers, and good Resellers. If anyone is negative with you, understand this:

They don’t intend to be hurtful; they simply do not understand what you are doing.

Don’t argue. You will learn later with your company what to say about your mlm network marketing home business.

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  1. Hey Doug awesome post, the worst thing anyone can do is take someone elses negativity personally or even worse bring it into your own mindset. I always say to myself “ignore the negative people and find the people that want it”.
    Thanks for sharing the awesome knowledge Doug

  2. Andrew Magee says:

    *** True Realities! Thank Doug *** Andy Magee

  3. Network marketing is definitely a numbers game. When I decided I was going to get back in the business and build it, I knew I would have to work the numbers. Seeing as how the numbers are different for everyone, I fully expect to have to talk to a huge number of people about the business to be able to have the lifestyle I want for my family. But that’s the nature of the beast. 🙂

    Great post Doug. Many thanks.

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