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Do you understand the OPEN Type of Social Media MLM prospect?

What if you could FIND them and the RECRUIT them into your home business?

Would that help you in your mlm social media efforts?


The OPEN are just that. They are OPEN to new possibilities, but not necessarily aggressively looking for a new career or business. They LOVE to learn about new options, and learn how they would impact their future.

It is NOT that they are not interested in change or doing better. They are. They are just not in the “NOW Gear” as the Lookers are.

The Open are NOT unhappy with where they are as far as career or employment. Many are content. But yet they know and sense that there is MORE in life and are open to learning about different options.

This includes even a part time business possibility.

They are for the most part very pleasant to talk to. They do communicate on social sites with an eye to possibilities for their future.

You can find them attending webinars and conference calls to learn about things that might be educational for them and offer new ideas that may help them.

That is one of the main differences between the Looker and the Open:

Lookers are focused on LEAVING. The Open are focused on LEARNING.

One is focused on a Destination and the other more on Education.

The Looker is looking to leave and find a new career path.

They are open to attending a webinar or conference call, but they have a real sense of urgency.

The Open are open to learning about a new career or opportunity and loves to view videos as well as attend webinars to learn. They move at their own pace and enjoy the

The Open are “gatherers of information” to assess new ideas as well as new options and information. They LOVE trying samples and getting free things. They are highly recruit-able
if they find what “feels” right to them.

And the Open will always want COMPLETE information prior to moving to a new career or business. Most are NOT in a rush.

Traits of the OPEN:

Education focused-Loves new information.

Wants to do better-eventually.

Patient – for now.

Happy with where they are, but could be happier.

Focused on Emotional Connection.

Ambitious, but at their pace.

Leader, but will follow.

Highly Curious.

Communicates at a pace slower than a Looker.

Does NOT want to be hyped.

Needs strong Leadership.

Totally VALUE based to move them.

VERY Relationship based.

 How do you recognize the Open when they appear?

Look for them on webinars.

Look for them on LinkedIn Discussion groups.

Look for them on facebook groups.

Look for their questions on twitter.

Look for their questions DURING a webinar.

Look for them at LIVE social events.

Look for them on

The number one corporate recruiter for a national recruiting company says, “Many people totally blow it with trying to communicate with the Open. They do not understand their ‘lifestyle language.’

All 4 types have their own lifestyle language. The Looker has a bottom line- ‘let’s get it said- is this what I am looking for’ language. The Open have a ‘let’s
learn about it and then see how it FEELS’ language. One language is focused on how it LOOKS according to their needs, and one is focused on how it FEELS. Both are great candidates for new options in their career, but timing and speed appears to be the main differences. Both are in social media daily, and can be
connected to IF approached correctly.”

The Open are the “GRAZERS” in Social Recruiting. They “graze” daily on new information and education. They “graze” daily on webinars, conference calls, videos learning about new things and options. They are very social and love NEW connections on social media. They
are Connectors and Responders.

They are always commenting on how much they learned with a video, article, post, or audio podcast. They love the power of making new friends in social media. And most of the friends they have they are loyal to, and their friends are loyal to them.

The Open are more RELATIONSHIP based where the Lookers are more RESULTS
based with their social activities.

HINT: Scott says, “Tell the Open you are looking for people who are open to learning about how to do better in life and partnering with you- to help others do the same thing.”

That alone will get their attention.

This is how you recruit and talk to the Open Social Media Type of Prospect in social media network marketing for your home business.

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