MLM Social Media – Do You Know the Social Recruiting Rule of “ABR”?

mlm network marketing

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MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Do YOU know the Rule of ABR for your home business?

How do you approach recruiting in social media for your network marketing business?

What is your PLAN for your mlm business conerning social media recruiting?

They is a rule that if followed, will help enhance your productivity and results in the social sphere.

And this Rule is a powerful one IF followed.

Let’s be honest.

We all know that every recruiter, whether a corporate recruiter or home business recruiter,
wants to locate and recruit talent for their business. RESULTS RULE in this profession if you are going to derive revenues from it. It is that simple and bottom line.

If you do not locate and enroll candidates in your home business, you will not be able to
build the success in your business that you desire.

That even goes for CUSTOMERS.

Do NOT make the mistake that most home business professionals do in social media: Ignoring your customers.

That can cost your hundreds of thousands of dollars IN INCOME a year if you are not careful.

 Your customers for your products are a “form of a candidate” as you never know in the future when they may show an interest in your business. You never know WHO THEY KNOW. That is why you ALWAYS stay in touch with your customers.

I believe that you should follow the Social Recruiting Tactic of “ABR.”

 Always Be Recruiting –especially your customers.


Gently. You do not want to turn them off.

Warmly. You want to keep them as possible
referral sources.

Humbly. Make them glad they can help you
find new people to help.

THIS is a biggie. Thank them EVERY CHANCE you get. Let them know you are
grateful for doing business with you.

Occasionally. You do not want to pressure your
customers. Do not be relentless. Be real, be relaxed, and reassuring.

By sending them thank you emails, cards, social mail, texts, or any other form of powerful communication.

You are always recruiting your customers by following them on facebook and twitter and other social sites.

You are always recruiting your customers by communicating and commenting on their posts and updates.

You are always recruiting your customers by sending them “thank you” e-cards and even thank you cards via snail mail.

You are always recruiting your customers by being ‘in conversation” with them in any format or any social site. Join the ones they are on and follow their friends.

You are always recruiting your customers in social media by sending them little known tips and information that will make their experience with your products and services more powerful.

NOTE: You are always recruiting your customers for JOINING YOU or REFERRING TO YOU someone that will be a high quality candidate.

No matter what, always be recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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