MLM Network Marketing Training-The Secret of Effort in Network Marketing Success

” With no attempt, there can be no failure….. with no failure…no humiliation…..”

William James.

Procrastination…what a lovely word.

Sounds almost like a disease that you want to stay away from…get innoculated from… and to run from…

Guess what? With most folks…it is a form of a disease that has infected millions of people in MLM and they sacrifice their future in Network Marketing or the comfort of the present with no risk….

Sound familiar?

You know that you have MLM greatness inside of you…You know that there is a Powerful Network marketer inside….

You know that there are things in your life you would just love to attemptand go for, but , well….

You don’t want to be humiliated from MLM failure…You don’t want to put your reputation at risk and ruin your great “Image” folks have of you….

Let’s be REAL HONEST……..

Humiliation only exists in your mind…it exists nowhere else…you create it, and you give it life…

The Truth about MLM Defeat.
MLM Defeat is an acceptance …not an event….

And nothing great has ever been accomplished without the risk of possibly facing adversity….

Yes,the Home Business storms of adversity can blow strong….Greatness on the inside is USELESS if it is not crystallized on the outside of your MLM life….

That is what Useless means…”Use Less”….

You use so much Less of your gifts and talents that the greatness inside of you lies dormant…

And you continue to use less of your talent for greatness as you grow older, all for the acceptance of other’s opinions and “fitting in”……..

“Fitting in ” and Being Accepted has an enormous cost sometimes…..

The cost of the REAL YOU….

Go for what you want and forget the MLM storms….

The Power of Adversity in Network Marketing and Direct Sales.
All adversity is temporary! Yes, you may have glitches and challenges….and temporary setbacks…but that is not humiliating….

Humiliation is knowing there is Greatness inside of you, and you never released it due to the safety of procrastination and “no risk fear”….

And always knowing deep down inside….”I could have been hugely successful in MLM…”

Yeah, you could fall flat on your face if you do what you passionately want to do with your MLM life….

But what if you get up…and try again…

Then what if you DO succeed?

What if you KNEW you could’ve…. and didn’t….

Deep down inside…..

That’s Network Marketing Humiliation..


doug Firebaugh

PassionFire Intl

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