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“Working the MLM Millionaire Numbers….”


Has a nice ring to it….doesn’t it? We interviewed a lot of them for this project, and found some interesting stats on how they perceive, and work “the numbers” in MLM…

Most people have a fantasy about becoming a millionaire in network marketing…but that’s all it truly is… Just a fantasy that lays in the mind of folks that most never even try to engage…

As one number one earner said…

“The difference in me and most is that my Vision for becoming a millionaire was so crystal clear…and I didn’t drive it…it drove me…it was something that was a calling almost…and it was never a fantasy…but a fanatical urging that wouldn’t go away….”

Hmmm…. Fanatical Urging…that wouldn’t go away… He said that it simply became a PASSION in his life… THAT is a CLUE!!!!! To what it takes to become a big success in MLM…

Most see a fantasy…not a fanatic…as another number one earner said…”If people would get as excited about their company as they do a football game….they would be rich within 3 years…”

Excitement in MLM.

If you are more excited about a football game than your business…you will fumble in MLM eventually…

Another top earner said, “It’s amazing how people yell at baseball or softball games, and then become strangely silent about their future,…as if someone else was determining it…”(CLUE!!!!!)

The sad part….someone else usually is….

What was surprising is the perception with some folks that Millionaires in MLM got “lucky”…and found the right people who did the work… In rare instances that is true…but most millionaires I chatted with had a differing perspective on that…as well as the activity level that needs to be done when recruiting…

The most astonishing fact we found was that Millionaires were “reality based” in understanding the TRUE numbers it takes for massive success… as most folks are Fantasy based…they think they can make 20 phone calls and get rich..

One top earner said,” All I knew was I had to talk to 1000 people…that was what i was told to do…so I was on a mission to do that…and it ended up over 3000…”(CLUE!!!!!!)

Now she says…”I do what I want when I want, for how long I want with my kids….it is a miracle!”

Here is a breakdown of what we found in the activity of the average, Successful,, and millionaire distributor…(from over 1400 responses and interviews)

(all numbers part time…the millionaire numbers are what they averaged when they were part time…THAT will open your eyes!!!!!)

The Numbers of The MLM Study on Success.
Hours worked a week: Average: 6 Successful: 12 Millionaire: 25

Phone dials a day: Average: 5 Successful: 15 Millionaire: 50

People talked to a day: Average: 1 Successful: 7 Millionaire: 15

3 ways a day: Average: 1 Successful: 5 Millionaire: 15

Presentations a week:(phone-face to face) Average: 2 Successful: 8 Millionaires: 20

Leads collected a week: Average: 2 Successful: 20 Millionaires: 50

Follow-ups a day: Average: 1 Successful:4 Millionaire: 10

Sales a week; Average: 1 Successful:3 Millionaires: 7

No’s gotten in a week: Average: 2 Successful: 10 Millionaires: 25

Conference calls with guests weekly: Average: 0 Successful:2 Millionaires: 5

Number of applications weekly: Average: 0 Successful: 1 Millionaire: 4

The Part Time MLM Millioniare Activity Level.
And this is just part of the story…next week we will run the rest…as you can see, the part time millionaire activity level was as high as most full timers…

As you can see, activity with millionaires is much more intense that the average or even successful distributor…and in recruiting, the numbers worked were so much more….

How is your activity level? Are you close to even the “successful…?”

May I suggest you be…..


Your future lies within that answer… in MLM…and Home Busines.

next week…part 3….

Blessings… doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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