MLM Recruiting Myth in Network Marketing

mlm recruiting

mlm recruiting

MLM recruiting

in your home business require the Truth of what it takes to succeed in home business recruiting. Many folks out there for whatever reason expand on the truth and turn it into anything but that.

There are many trainings on how to recruit, whether in social media, internet marketing, online, offline, or any other line. But regardless, everyone is looking for results that will grow their home based business.

There is a Myth, a Lie, a Bogus concept that has been espoused to the Home business Profession  for years…and recently in a seminar, I was asked during one of the breaks about it…

So many ideas and concepts are promoted in this industry that DO work….but on the other hand, there are many that don’t work, but yet they still promoted with fervor and fire…

The MLM Recruiting Myth.

What is the recruiting myth that has been focused on but yet has proven to not work?

I am going to get some heat over this…but here goes…

This is NOT just a Numbers game….as much as a CONNECTION and CONVICTION game.

Did you get that? This NOT just a Numbers game, but a Connecting and Conviction game.


I cannot tell you how many folks in Network Marketing have told me that they have worked a TON of numbers, but have yet to strike Gold in this business. I recently saw a list of calls made-over 500 people talked to- and yet the person had recruited only 2 people…

What’s Missing?

The Numbers were there…

The Names were there….

The Phone calls where there….

The Effort was there…

The long distance bill was there…

But why was this sweet lady still struggling? GOOD QUESTION!

The “Lack Of” Factor in MLM Recruiting Success.

It was due to a Lack of Connection….and Conviction….

People today are too sharp and experienced in Telemarketers to pay attention to most sales calls. And the ones they do pay attention to, .even friends, are the ones they CONNECT with and feel the Conviction of the person and the willingness to help Increase, Expand, Enlarge, and Empower their life.

I asked this lady to say what she said to the 500 calls and I listened. And just shook my head. This woman was working the numbers right but working the MLM prospects totally WRONG. It was a sales pitch and there was really no Conviction or Connection in her voice.

You can work all the numbers you want, but if the prospect is not communicated to – CORRECTLY- with Connection and Conviction, you have wasted most of the calls.

Ok….how do you create Connection and Conviction?

Recruit them through THEIR eyes, not yours.

People join Direct Sales companies for THEIR reasons-not yours. And if you talk to 500 people and don’t take the time to see what is important to them and what they want to change in their life…

They won’t HEAR you.

They will be listening-.but they won’t hear what you are saying.

Find something you can relate to with them. Find something that they want to change in their life. And then display a sincere Conviction in helping them obtain it with your company and the business it offers.

Working the MLM Recruiting Numbers.

You MUST understand that Numbers ARE important. But just as in any other thing, the WAY you work the numbers – Is just as important,  if not more. Don’t be seduced with the myth that all you need are just numbers…

You need the MLM CONNECTION and CONVICTION to go along with it. They will make your efforts 10 times more powerful….and your check 10 times more exciting!

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Blessings… doug Firebaugh

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