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“Things of quality have no fear of time…” Author unknown

How do you define quality?

Is it something that you know it when you see it?

“Quality is Job #1.” Ford Motors

But what about YOUR Life and Network Marketing biz?

And YOUR Dreams?

And YOUR MLM business?

Is Quality a “part of it” or “apart from it?”

So often quantity and quality get mixed up…there are many folks who have a quantity of possessions, but lack quality of life….

A quantity of assets, but lack quality of aspirations…

People strive so hard for Quantity, without realizing the real MLM Wealth is in the Quality of things….

The only MLM Wealth that lasts is the Wealth of Quality…all else is temporary…

Quality and MLM.

Quality is timeless…Quantity is mindful of time…did you catch that? re-read it again…..

And if you CAUGHT it, you can see that if you are an MLM entrepreneur, and are providing a quality of life for people with a quality MLM product and program,you should not be concerned about the Time element….because Quality does not change over time…

TRUE MLM Quality is what I am talking about…….

The Quality Test in Network Marketing.
Yes, there are cheap imitations of True Quality, as in everything…but why do you think Gold continues to hold it’s own in value? It’s quality and worth are not predicated on Time…

But Value….and Value and Quality are sister words….

Don’t despair if you think your MLM business has a time limit on the value or quality of it to the home business marketplace…The Quality issue is a non issue as far as Time…


YOU are the Quality and Value Function in the success equation, and you rproducts and company only validate YOUR Quality and Value… as you selected them to be a part of your Value System….

Make Quality a part of your life…not apart from it..

Time will NEVER threaten Quality in Network Marketing….nor True Value…

But Quantity?

Depends upon the Quality within it….


doug firebaugh / PassionFire International doug

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