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5 Cs of a home based business



That suckers finally finished! And what would it be worth to you to have a LOT of answers to what is working in network marketing recruiting today… A LOT!!!!!!

We did a 14 month study on what makes successful recruiters tick, how they recruit, what they do, what they think, what they don’t do, when they recruit, when they don’t, and many other situations and traits and tactics that are working out in the marketplace…

Many folks we chatted with were very open to the questions…a few were “too important-too successful” to do anything like this…. yeah…right….it’s called massive ego…

But a lot of the million dollar earners that we chatted with were great with their time and answers, and most truly wanted to be a part of this survey…

Their were some interesting findings, and some were shockers, but the education was staggering we got from it…and it really opened my eyes to a lot of talent out in the industry.. We will start with what we call the “5 C’s” of a great Recruiter…

All Million Dollar earners had the 5 C’s and also thought that it was impossible to succeed in MLM without them…

What are they?

The 5 C’s of MLM Recruiting.


Every Millionaire I chatted with had an incredible Conviction for their Product, Program, and Path they were taking… They were flat maniacs about what they were doing….(CLUE!!!!!)

They knew that they knew that they knew they had the best company and product out in the field…and it was felt in their recruiting…

They had such a strong Conviction that negative Responses were a sign of stupidity….and one top earner said…”I don’t have patience to work with stupid people…I’m glad they told me NO….”

Now THAT”S a Paradigm shift!!!!!! And the Conviction also was about other things in their life…what they went after…they blazed the trail and set it OnFire!

At PassionFire….we call it OnFire Passion! The Passion to make something happen no matter what…no matter what is said, done, or not done…a Passion that is so Hot that it is consuming…(CLUE!!!!)

How is your Conviction and Passion for what you are doing when you recruit…? As One top earner said….”If you cannot get passionate about what you are doing in MLM…then you must be passionate about mediocrity….” well said….

The Communciation Factor of All MLM MIllionaires.

2) “Communication”..

 The Millionaires I interviewed all had one thing in common…they were ALL Master Communicators! They had an uncanny ability to get their message across and also to be FELT! They had a Power in their Communication and a Power in their Words.

Their Focus was always the OTHER PERSON….(CLUE!!!!!!!!!) and they kept the conversation flowing in that direction…always focused on the other person…and what they wanted…. Yes, there were some exceptions, whose ego demanded center stage, but again, they were the exceptions…

They also Communicated more FREQUENTLY then the most, as they talked to a whole lot more people…(CLUE!!!!!!)….and they were very friendly in their Communication, and personable…and well liked…As one top earner said….”We get paid to talk to people…if you mess that up…your check is Toast!”

AMEN!!!!!!! You need to become a Master Communicator…if you do…you will have Mastered your paycheck!

3) “Consistency”….

The people we interviewed, ALL were day at a time, brick at a time consistent… Day in….Day out….they worked their business…methodically, relentlessly, absolutely… They had a Plan they followed and a Road map to where they were going…in writing….(CLUE!!!!)

They worked when they didn’t FEEL LIKE WORKING…..and worked when they had planned on it… The Millionaires I interviewed said that it was the one at a time day at a time focus that built their MLM business and they couldn’t ask their people to do what they were not doing…(CLUE!!!!!)

They also said that Consistency helped them get through the inevitable rough periods of this business, and also sharpened their skills dramatically…(CLUE!!!!!)

The Connection Factor in Recruiting in MLM.

4) “Connection….

” The top earners again, all had one thing in common…they CONNECTED to people in a powerful way…they all focused on finding a commonality to whom they were talking to….(CLUE!!!!) They all wanted to get the person smiling quickly, and often…they asked about the person and what was important to them, and then Connected to that value or dream…

They spent a large portion of the time simply becoming their prospects Friend….(MAJOR CLUE!!!!) and then driving that Connection deeper and more powerful… As one number one earner said….”All we want to do is befriend the prospect…it is easier to recruit a friend then a stranger…”

And also, they all had a DEEPER CONNECTION to the Company’s vision and values…then the average distributor…they were not JUST a distributor…but a PARTNER to the MLM vision…..and that made them MAGNETIC!!!!!

5) “Caring….

” The earners I interviewed all had a sense of caring and Compassion about them…again, there were a few exceptions, but not many… All had a focus of helping people and empowering them…and caring about what was best for the person.. As one top earner said…”If you don’t care…neither will the prospect…” AMEN!!!!!!

Caring was a trait that most whom was interviewed viewed as a necessity, not an option….and the few who only cared about their paycheck….most averaged almost 50% less in their check then those who did…(CLUE!!!!)

Many said that people can feel your caring, and are attracted to that…and they can also feel your selfishness, and are repelled by that… Caring was a BASE trait that all said was a HUGE factor in their success….

What do you care about…..Paycheck…or people?

What’s Best…or what’s for you?

What is the right thing….or what you think is the right thing for your paycheck?

Your answers to those point to your destiny in this Network Marketing industry…

These are the “5 C’s” of Master MLM Recruiting that was found in the PassionFire Recruiting Project….

Where do you stand with

Next Week…..Part 2….

Blessings… doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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