MLM Network Marketing Training MLM Leadership – The Two Golden Words – Part 2

3. After a while, the new MLM distributor gets to know some “Veteran Distributors..” and these folks “Tell it the way it is…”..and whine and complain to the new distributor, and the newbie starts to lower their dreams and goals to “Fall in line” with what is “real” in a home business MLM…compromising their life again…

What if Abraham Lincoln had compromised His Standards?

What if Thomas Jefferson had Compromised His Standards?

What if Mother Teresa had compromised Her standards?

Greatness in ANY Leadership endeavor starts with a NO COMPROMISE Mindset and “Heartset” as well…..

And the sad part about it, a lot of MLM Leaders are the one’s who compromise their New Distributor’s dreams and standards because they have not been diligent in their own pursuit of success…(Are you guilty?) What can you do?

The No Compromise Campaign in MLM.
Start a “NO COMPROMISE Campaign” with your Network Marketing group….

1. Announce it to your group….and tell them NO ONE is going to steal their future as long as you are their Leader…NO ONE!

2. Tell them that Compromise is NOT AN OPTION in your group…amd you will STAY THE COURSE-REACH THE DREAM…which is the true Secret of Leadership in this Business…

And the 3 most important words to drive your campaign:


A HOT MLM Training Resource on MLM leadership: “Unleashing the Leadership in YOU”

3. And “NO COMPROMISE” Flyers, button, stickers, whatever you want to promote the message….and everytime you chat with your Leaders…remind them…

Only People who DON”T ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS… compromise…We WILL achieve our dreams…. NO MATTER WHAT!

And one final thought…

The Last word in Compromise is Promise….Are you focused on that part of the word? If you have compromised, you have broken a Sacred Leadership Promise, and Trust, to Navigate your folks to Success…

What does a promise mean to you? What does your Vision and your Folk’s Vision mean to them?

The Power of “Can-Promise” in Your Network Marketing Business.
DON”T let life, or negative people compromise your future, dreams, and Success… Don’t Compromise….. but CAN-Promise…. and Lead your people to a future that CAN and WILL be achieved…but only with a NO COMPROMISE Leadership…..


Compromise… The “Creeping Cancer” of MLM Leadership…

Cut the Tumor out at the Heart of the Cancer….with Radical and Massive Radiation Treatment called…

Passionate Leadership!


doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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