MLM Network Marketing Training-Give ’em an MLM headache, then make ’em ASK YOU for the Aspirin

MLM Network Marketing Training-Give ’em an MLM headache, then make ’em ASK YOU for the Aspirin

by Joshua Shafran

What if sponsoring was as easy as selling aspirin to people with headaches? What if you created an atmosphere with every person you came across where they felt lucky you decided to show them your MLM opportunity? Where they jumped for joy if they were selected and approved for team membership. Would sponsoring become fun, exciting, and simple in Network Marketing?

If banks can do it, why can’t you? Think about it. Banks make money by renting out money, don’t they? Yet, how do we feel when we get “approved for the loan?” We jump for joy and feel lucky, don’t we? But how crazy is that? That’s like going into a supermarket and kissing the manager’s feet because he LET you buy a loaf of bread!

The Secret to Network Marketing

The secret of applying this to your networking is to make your prospect want what you have before you offer it to them. In the broadest sense, there’s only two motivating reasons why someone will join your network. They join either to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. Here’s a little known fact: More people will join your network out of a desire to stop the pain than will EVER join because of all the pleasure they’ll get. Yet, what do most MLM’ers do? They push aside the most powerful persuader they’ve got and overwhelm their prospects with why their deal is the greatest and why they’ve “got to get in on it now!”

You can easily triple your sponsoring efforts if you demonstrate all the pain that your prospect is currently living with that will cease to exist if they are selected to join your team. Now, don’t misunderstand, I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t present the benefits of your business, but your sponsoring results will go up dramatically if you use the carrot AND the stick!

So, your job (and it’s really fun once you know how to do it) is to go around giving people headaches and then curing their pain. Once a prospect knows (or admits it to him or herself) what they are missing and (more importantly) that there is, in fact, a better way – something more for them – they want a way to get there immediately!!!

They desperately want someone to provide them with the leadership and direction to change the situation. They instantly want someone to coach them… an expert to show the way… a consultant to guide them… a trusted confidant to provide advice. And, that someone is you.

The Hidden MLM Pain.

Here’s the catch (you knew there had to be a catch, right?): Sometimes your prospect’s pain is hidden. Your prospect has been living with the pain for so long that they’ve gone numb to protect themselves against it. The trick is to tactfully shake them up a little. “How?”, you ask.

Questions Are The Answers

The best way to do this is with questions. Questions allow you to step inside your prospect’s head. By asking questions just like a doctor does, the prospect tells you where it hurts and in so doing begins to feel and experience the pain again. Questions are so powerful. They allow you to lead and direct the conversation down the path you wish to go… they build trust and rapport… they make people feel important. Think about it: Who would you rather be around; the person who talks intelligently about a number of different topics while you listen, or the person who asks you a number of intelligent questions and listens with genuine interest to what you have to say?

If you simply TELL people how you have this great opportunity then they can (and usually will) doubt you. But, by asking questions and getting your prospect to TELL YOU the same thing, they BELIEVE and ACCEPT it as a fact! And, because it’s now their idea, they’ll move heaven and earth to get it.

Learning to ask questions instead of asserting statements about your MLM can take a little getting used to. At first, you might feel a little like you’re learning a foreign language, and in a sense you are. You’ve got to think in terms of questions. From now on, every time you’re tempted to tell your prospect something, rethink it in your head and ask it as a question. There isn’t any statement you can make about your MLM that cannot be rephrased and expressed as a question.

Network Marketing Questions.

If you want to get good at sponsoring, spend an entire day every so often and try not to make one statement… just ask questions and listen to the answers. If you accept this challenge, you’ll attract people to you like moths to a flame. People you just met will tell you they feel like they’ve known you their entire lives. People will open up to you. When they open up, they trust you. When they trust, they’ll tell you where they hurt and experience that pain. When they feel the pain, they want it to stop… which is exactly the opening you’ve been searching for!

When you prospect someone (be it online through a web site, email, telephone, in person, etc.) you give them a headache. You build in them an earnest desire to join and make it their idea. Every day of their life they experience some pain or frustration that your MLM opportunity will eliminate. Find it. Ask questions to uncover it. Don’t assume you already know what it is. Make them tell you. As they answer, they’ll experience that pain and naturally want to end to it. Then, casually let them know that you might (if they’re lucky) be able to stop it. Now, they WANT what you’re offering… and it was their idea! So now you’re doing them the favor and they are grateful to you.

This whole process can happen very quickly and it’s easier than it sounds. Start off by asking open ended questions that requires your prospect to explain. Here’s an example: “If you could change any aspect of your financial situation, what would you change?” Think about the idea behind this question and you will see how it can be adapted in any number of ways depending on who you’re prospecting.

If you really involve yourself and take a genuine interest in your prospect’s frustrations, you’ll come up with an endless supply of follow up questions. For example: “John, if you could change any aspect of your job situation, what would change? Are the number of hours too much? Is job security a concern? Are you on the road too much? Would it help you to be making more money? Do you find yourself less patient as a result? How does it affect your relationship with your wife? Have you saved enough to send Amy to college or will she have to wait a couple of years?”

Here’s one more REALLY good follow-up question: “If you were not working 80 hours a week and spent some quality time with your son, do you think you could have stopped him from getting hooked on drugs, stealing cars, and getting in gang fights every week?” (JUST JOKING!)

Although that was a joke, its implications are very real. Those kind of fears, pains and worries are extremely persuasive and motivating. So, for each area of dissatisfaction and pain, make sure you don’t leave out the most important question, “How does that affect you?” This will get your prospect to think about and feel the consequences of the problem (or potential problem).

Once they tell you the consequences, you’ve given them a full blown headache, now it’s time to make ’em ask you for the aspirin. Here again, use questions like “What would it mean to you if I could provide… __________?” If you fill in the blank with the benefits your opportunity can provide, tailored to what you know (from your questions) your prospect wants, and you will make them stand in line and beg to join your network!


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