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Do you write articles for your mlm home business?

Do you post on your blog or do you even have a blog for your network marketing business?

How would you like to know the top 10 most clicked on or read article types that are guaranteed to drive traffic to your website for your home based business?

I will admit…I LOVE to write.

Some people do videos, and I do as well. Some people prefer podcasts and I have done that as well. But writing is my passion when it comes to social media communication.

I have a TON of recorded videos on this website as well as 9 free hour long webinars. I did a recent post on the 14 Best Ways to Maximize your Youtube Visibility.

But I still LOVE to write.

Yes, I know….Google after the panda slap basically downgraded all articles and article websites to barely getting indexed. But that does not mean that you cannot drive traffic to your site. There are still TENS of MILLIONS of people daily on the article directory sites and they can send  you some serious traffic.

Yes I co founded the Home Business Radio Network. Yes, that is audio and not writing.

But my PASSION is writing.

How about you?

Do YOU Like to craft a good article or post and rock the social sphere with content?

There is an art to ENGAGING the reader when you write, no doubt and  I have studied the best of the best and have learned a LOT from the best.

I have found over the years and after writing  20 ebooks and over 1200 articles that people are looking for something and there is a secret:

Write about what people are searching for.

And this includes the TYPES of articles and posts that you write.

There arr 10 types of posts / articles that get read the most. if you stay within these 10 types of articles or the “framework” of the articles, you will get a LOT more read and passed along.

If you go throughout my posts on PassionFire, you will find most articles if not all, fall into one of the 10 types listed below.

(Lists are one of the most popular types of articles!)

So what are the 10 types of Articles that are read the most and clicked on?

Articles: Most Popular types:

 1. Lists.

Simply, LISTS RULE in the article marketing and article posting world. Lists like “The Top 10…” “The 5 Biggest Mistakes…” etc.

2. How To’s.

How To’s are the most searched business terms in any profession. People want to know how to DO things and BE somebody in Leadership, business, and life.

3. Little Known information.

This is GOLD. Tell them something VALUABLE that most people do not know.

4. Humor.

Everyone loves a good laugh. Use this though sparingly as it can hurt you if the story is not really funny.

5. Stories.

People LOVE to hear inspirational stories as well as stories of Success, Love, Family, faith, and many other types. Business and Marketing Success stories are loved as well.

6. Solution Focused Help.

SOLUTION Based Writing will ALWAYS get passed along. Love this.

7. Encouraging.

Articles that are encouraging are GOLD as well. A good word is season is sweet to the soul!

8. Motivating.

People LOVE to be jacked up, juiced up, and FIRED UP! Motivate and watch your article go viral.

9. I can relate to THAT.

Any story or article that people can RELATE TO will be parsed along as well.

10. Quick Tips.

People are “micro focused” as we live in a “sound byte” world. Quick tips are rocking hot and read all the time and quickly.

These are the Top 10 most read and passed along article types in the mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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